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N468 was sitting just before Sunshine Station on the RRL around 9.45 am

Doesn't It read so much better when It looks like this !

Saw a other V/Line on the RRL this morning around 9.45 just stopped before Sunshine Station

275M spotted at Flinders St station heading to stabling 9.29AM

278M spotted at Flinders St 2.06PM heading to South Morang

294M spotted at North Melbourne at 5.45 AM heading City Loop

288M spotted at North Melbourne heading City Loop at 9.26AM
294M stabled at St Albans 9.48AM

288M spotted at Flinders Street heading  upfeld service 10.04AM

278M stabled at St Albans 9.51AM

275M spotted at North Melbourne heading Sunbury the 5.31AM


Posted 11 Dec 2012 15:38 in Melbourne suburban by harrisfan124

EM 100 spotted at Albion 10.14 AM heading towards Sunbury

Rode the late 9.05AM. 279M from Newmarket to Flinders st via City Loop. And that formed the 9.17AM Watergardens rode that as well that formed the 10.11AM City Loop

279M stabled at Noth Melbourne yards 9.27AM

I went for a train ride to Sunbury on Tuesday 11am service

Caught 299M from Watergardens to North Melbourne the 4.59AM City LoopThen spotted 299M at Watergardens. formed the 10.11AM to City Loop

I noticed at Watergardens this morning that the Metcard reader are blocked off so every one has to by a Myki

299M spotted at West Footscray 9.55AM heading Flinders ST

Posted 23 Oct 2012 17:18 in Melbourne suburban by harrisfan124

The Hitachis should return to brown tartan, or horrid green lumps of hard vinyl that hit 50'C in summer. Smile

Posted 23 Oct 2012 17:12 in Melbourne suburban by harrisfan124

heard it from Watergardens

278M spotted at North Melbourne  at 9.40AM heading to Flinders ST

By a train set better

278M spotted inbetween Hawthorn and Burnley heading City Loop and Flinders St at 10.19AM292M spotted at Flinders St at 11.53AM Platform 8

Caught 292M. 5.35AM from North Melbourne to Newmarket

Did ride this train a few times plenty of Double Deckers in Sydeny if you wana ride them

They do from time to time if the PIDS go crazy or just to explan if the train has stop in the middle of no where

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