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I have nothing, floor is open.


Dulwich Hill?

Fairly confident, Meadowbank?

Hi All

I am curious as to the arrangements for operation of the IRA Minto Shuttles whilst the South Line is shut for the next few weeks. I know that the services will operate via East Hills but will  ...

Posted 15 Oct 2010 00:17 in Sightings by hurstville1

81 - PN48 - PN48 passed Hurstville on the down with a Grain train at about 10pm.

Posted 14 Oct 2010 23:41 in Sydney Suburban by hurstville1

I assume you guys dont know how improved this timetable is?

Besides the extra trains on the weekends and all the extra trains, there were almost NO empty trains heading towards the City this aftern ...

Excuse my not so good photos Laughing
It is coupled with T107, a recent G set refurb.

Another Terrorgraph Beatup.

The Penshurst incident they handled quite well, they were sending trains bi - di between Oatley/Mortdale and Hurstville to get around it, with a back lot of trains about ...

T103 paired up with what I can only assume was T111(new refurb) today.

T107 seen running around today, with the newer version of refurb with seats etc.

Well the LDPs are fitted with inline fuelling aren't they? Might explain the sudden loss of them from the East Coast.

Posted 24 Jul 2010 19:54 in The Lounge by hurstville1

Not that big of a deal, depends how you deal with it.

For me at school, I can't find the need to talk about anything railway related so I don't. Most of the time the schoolkids find out off my Face ...

Oh bugger just noticed the thread now  Crying or Very sad
Any idea if your going to have one next year?

Yeah, and the train pulled into Platform 24 from Bondi...  Rolling Eyes

Posted 26 Jun 2010 23:34 in The Lounge by hurstville1

Yeah, took me a while to figure what a Eclipse when the word spread overnight.

Figured when we left at like 6pm with a full moon, then I get home @ 10 and the rest of its gone.

My photos from the day:

8102 in Intermodal Livery

BM7 with 001 and 003.

A very bright NR34 passes Unanderra

CG0X at Unanderra.

3938 at Unanderra.

Nice pics there TM3801!

I'll get to my photos eventually.... School's becoming a pain now. Or is it COD?

Posted 20 Jun 2010 13:55 in Sightings by hurstville1

I am here currently at Crown Street Mall in Wobblygong. So far today, me and Trainman3801 have seen


Wongawilli Coal with the 2x ELs

8102 shunting Port Kembla

MB4 with Pacnat, Vanill ...

Posted 19 Jun 2010 16:55 in Sydney Suburban by hurstville1

I was another one who experienced 2 minutes of air conditioned comfort before having to get off again Razz

The G/T combo went off into the yards right when the following train (8.36?) showed up. Surpr ...

Posted 05 Jun 2010 19:48 in Sightings by hurstville1

Sydney Terminal, was very busy today. Indian on Platform 4 with GM22 and 27 with a works train, 4473 had a spoil train solo on 2.

NR27 brought the IP in with 105 taking it out.

1581 had 2x GLs a ...

As far as I have been told, the School Certificate/High School Certificate will remain pen & paper as will most exams.

Posted 29 May 2010 23:34 in Railway Photography by hurstville1

The main problem me and my friends have had is when to press the shutter. Even now with trains at 115kmph I have problems.

As Raichase said, just keep practicing and you'll get used to it.

Posted 29 May 2010 22:47 in The Lounge by hurstville1

For coastal areas it is supposedly going to be windy

No more Baked Beans.

But honestly, as long as some of it falls into the dams it'll be alright. Love how we had barely any "Severe Thunderstor ...

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