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[quote="Sojourner"]In Adelaide South Australia they got rid of all the trams bar the Glenelg Tram and now are in the process of extending the line and discussing loops for the city and so on! Rather t ...

Trams and Light Rail never ceases to attract enthusiasts.I am one unashamed believer of metro trams,chased them in modern times through Europe,East,Central West  and of course Melbourne.Nostalgia too ...

[quote="BP4417"]Absolutely correct, the burden of Regulation, The cost not only financial, but the pressure on Volunteers will eventually see only Government funded organisations running Heritage Trai ...

It saddeneds me to read the stuation at ZZR not operating its way out of the huge problem.The community of enthusiasts and the Lithgow township will I am sure will leave no stoned unturned solving the ...

I have been reading recent articles on the futures  uncertainity  of the ZZR; probable others out there in difficult times of lower patronage,ageing membership and abnormally high public liability i ...

Hi I am logged in on as jayrailnz have been keen to consolidate my  lost former- user name jayrail into  my current one,as I am, unable to recover my past details ;I need to refer to them on some m ...

Break of gauge is a blot on our early governments before the Comonwealth in1901,huge costly exercise.Thats what is the current situation,State v State,no comon wealth.The Standard G across NSW to WA a ...

Posted 18 Jul 2012 15:08 in Western Australia by jayrailnz

Collie area near depot,note a green tender on next line behind V

Are intending Perth passengers to HVR trains from Alumina Jn/Dwellingup/Etmyln able to come down from Perth to the former HVTR transfer station at Pinjarra?If not,How to get to the HVR trains ?

Posted 11 Jul 2012 09:10 in Western Australia by jayrailnz

Here is a worthwhile ramble to find the old railway formation of the Wokalup Jn of the Mornington Mills Line.Start at Wokalup go S to Mornington Rd head E a few clicks then NE  to a curve   which h ...

2 questions1 How much to date has been demolished Cowra-Eugowra,that rails,formation,buildings ?2Have walk-trails been proposed ?As a member of 1st Cowra scouts yonks ago,the Cowra rails were tramped  ...

Posted 27 May 2012 17:54 in Western Australia by jayrailnz

Brunswick jn onto Collie

Posted 17 May 2012 17:40 in Western Australia by jayrailnz

Forgot to add,maybe the Hyden trip??

Posted 17 May 2012 17:38 in Western Australia by jayrailnz

Sorry but its not Merriden, Newdegate, Mullewa, Narngulu or Dalwallinu
Its so wheatbelt WA but whats HVR doing there ? Any time scale Neil ?

Posted 15 May 2012 18:14 in Western Australia by jayrailnz

"Narrogin "P in Merriden area'great sunset shot Neil

[quote="Hotham Valley"][quote="Q4004"]

If i was to purchuse a riverland carriage currently on the market, how much would i be looking at for buying it??

[/quote]Dear Q4004,A Lot.Serious enquiries ca ...

Posted 03 May 2012 19:29 in Western Australia by jayrailnz

[quote="burt007"][quote="Toad Montgomery"]

Okay, the PDF file can be found here for now:

With credit to driver Harold J Tower ...

Posted 02 May 2012 18:01 in Western Australia by jayrailnz

wood chips on to South coast,near Mt Barker

[quote="WAGR"][quote="jayrailnz"]Maybe in WA ,or Vic>Great loco thats a challenge in history to the V.Which class  in  top WAGR steam loco days was the most effective freighter,cost-effective,rel ...

Maybe in WA ,or Vic>Great loco thats a challenge in history to the V.Which class  in  top WAGR steam loco days was the most effective freighter,cost-effective,reliabilty ?

I recall in the 70s a few Prospector runs,great service compared to the old wooden stock. One time returned as pax on the IP.So old Prospector cars are now  non-functional,so whats the state of Perth ...

wondered if the Heritage steam trips are still runn ing over the Blue Mountains up/down:Will assistance be required in the form of diesel or electrics avoiding  smoke pollution of a diese air intake ...

Going back to this thread,is it true that Elecs locos dont work the mountain anymore,if so are the overhead wires gone. Sorry to raise after some years,curious.It was a magic rail trip

[quote="witzendoz"]While I don't condone trespassing on railway property, anyone that knows the area where this photo was taken would also know that 1) There are pedestrian crossings in both direction ...

Posted 21 Apr 2012 15:16 in Western Australia by jayrailnz

Well found Drwaddles,great day trips by train on Sundays pre war. I thought the zig zag continued lower in the valley,welcome  other comments.

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