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Posted 08 Nov 2015 12:56 in Open Rails by lelo4851

hello everybody

The issue i have come across in open rails is

When in the cab view of any 59 class loco that all the windows wont stop flashing yellow and red

however this occurs only when in the  ...

Posted 30 Oct 2015 19:49 in Open Rails by lelo4851

ok thanks for that superheated

the question is can two players control one consist

example of a situation

i have a steam loco and cars sitting on a grade and require my freind who has a dies ...

Posted 29 Oct 2015 16:40 in Open Rails by lelo4851

hello guys and girls

just started into open rails after playing MSTS for years

the issue i have found when operating in multiplayer with a mate is

that when the other person couples up to my ...

hello all

I have recently purchased a new laptop and currently have trainz 2012 on the old laptop ,

Whats the easiest way of getting Trainz from the old laptop to the new laptop without loosing my  ...

hey all

over the last week of traveling through St.Marys on the train

i have noticed there is a 8KPH speed restriction over what seems to be the points on the down main ( just after passing signal ...

hello everyone

just wondering where i might find a operation manual or training documents for the NSW X200 class diesel shunter?

thanks in advance


To all our friends and supporters. Just as we're on the verge of re-starting passenger services on the Zig Zag Railway we would like to ask for your assistance. Some time last week, the low life struc ...

Posted 30 Jul 2013 18:22 in New South Wales by lelo4851

hello everyone

just though id let people know that by looking at my sources

TFNSW's new merchandised track patrol vehicle

will be performing its first track evaluation run form Clyde up Yard - Mt  ...

hello my trainz will not run, it just comes up an error message telling me there is "no entry point found"

[url=http//][img]http// ...

hey everybody i have recently purchased trainz 2012 and wondering how i make it so as i can see mp sessions happening.

Hi all,I just bought TS12 for the bargain price of $12.00 online at the Auran store. Anyone else play multiplayer here? Some pretty good stuff by Phil Skene has been done for this version.Anyways, if  ...

I seen today that 670/770 wasn't stored in their usual siding, did they get moved inside the new sheds? Or have they moved to somewhere else? both railmotors sets have been scrapped/sold

in the news article it mentioned a freight train ,what happened there?

<div style="text-align: justify;">the 36 and its consist WILL NOT run tonight ,will proberly run straight though tommorow morning .

hello all just wondering if anybody has made some NSW end platform cars eg.FO/CCA for trainz 2010 or earlier versions as i think these would be a brilliant contribution to trainz thanks in advance ,le ...

i will be on the trip on the xpt from sydney - bathurst then return behind the pig ,who else from Railpage will be aboad?

Was the line even open to the public when that hi rail incident occurred?Precisely what does that have to do with it?if you read the otsi  report it states that the railmotor was carrying passengers  ...

as far as i know they will only be running to the signal box as they are now ,but i could be wrong.

Posted 28 May 2012 20:18 in General by lelo4851

hello all someone can help me hopefully i have recently bought the great omsi bus simulator and while looking through the files for the game i saw that there are vehicles in the vehicles folder which  ...

it basically means that the connection will be at the up end of the yard from the down main to refuge then to coal

i have a found a great ho scale rc man lion's city bus but the problem is that the only place i can find it is german/european sites here is a link to a video of it on youtube hopefully someone has se ...

hey all im not sure if this happens to anybody else but when i have multiple loco's in a consist ie.45+45+48 nsw locos + goods trainthey all have to be facing the same way or the only power in the dir ...

i find that the lack of advistising for theses events is put put it nicly 'rubbish 'but hey thats just my opinion the whole idea of trainwrecks aka trainworks knowing what there doing is just bs i mea ...

does anyone know of anywhere where i can get hold of this form as im involved with a volunteer railway and require a cat 2 rail safety medical

hey guys and gurls

i have created an activity which is running a cph railmotor starting at st marys running to ropes creek terminating then blacktown then richmond all stops

the problem is that wh ...

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