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[quote=LaidlayM]What's the "state of the art" in train detection under DCC? I want to send train location (track section) to a computer of some sort (not the DCC system itself), maybe a PC or Arduino ...

If like you say it seems fine electrically, perhaps check the worm gear keepers (cover thingy). One of my XPT power cars began to run badly and I found the keeper plate dislodged on one side. This can ...

Hi Gremlin,

There are a couple of stand out features.

The second run model has the third cylinder crank, rod and cylinder modelled between the frames (first run does not), a firebox/boiler back ...

I am after a second run Bergs 57 class. Would love to hear from anybody wanting to part ways with one.



Aahh, so it was, thanks. I have no idea where my copy if that is at the moment.

James, your use of smoke looks brilliant. Very handy paint colour.


I am sure there was an article on how to represent NSWGR varnished passenger coaches in an AMRM issue and from memory Tamiya Smoke was used. Once again, from memory, it was brushed over a base colour. ...

Hi Harley,

Here is a link to a reed switch manufacturer

Have a look at the Latching/Bistable tab. Part No. KSK-1E66 may be s ...

Joe is advertising sound and non sound ESU 21 pin decoders on his website. The V4 price is pretty good! ...

If you feel like spending more money on your flickering lit coaches you could try a Flicker Free unit from DCC Concepts - ...


I am looking for a NSWGR, HO Scale, 30 class tank.

Would prefer a Trax brass model however a DJH unbuilt kit will fit the bill also.



Luke, your videos and modelling techniques are really good. Love the quality of the production.

Look forward to seeing more.



I am looking for a second run Bergs 57 class. Unpainted preferred.



Hi Carpo,

The ESU V4 decoder user manual, page 26 shows the schematic for a simple stay alive circuit.

It's basic, a cap ...

Ha ha you got me John. I dragged my wife along to help measure. She of course loved the experience, not. My parents and brother live around the Goulburn area so we get up there often. I really like th ...

By using terms like it 'seems' you should go and have a go at measuring a real Loco. It is very easy, they are quite big.

Measuring a model a little harder however digital verniers make it easier. ...

Hi Gremlin,

AR Kits is now distributing North Yard mechanisms-

Al is listing the 620-720 replacement mech, see end of list.

I really like North Yard  ...

[quote=SA_trains]Well good to have some qualitative data to go by. Based on Linton's guesstimates, I went back to Allan Brown's line diagram with measurements and did some of my own math.

Using a l ...

It was interesting that the review in the latest AMRM didn't pick up on the problem, simply stating that 'the Trainorama models are accurate in all major dimensions'.
It is ve ...

[quote=linton78]After seeing the diagram I think the Trainorama model is not angled enough. Using the measurement of 6"3/8, which is kind of an average point on the nose drawing - this scales out to a ...

Sounds like just the product to be released around April.



I just remembered that I have also used one of these ESU 21 pin adaptor boards in a Eureka CPH. It has the amplifier circuits on board to make use of aux 3 and aux 4 outputs.

These little power amplifiers will solve the ESU logic output problem - [url=]

Ther ...

Hey Rob,

Hope you're doing well.

On my last layout my Uncle came up with a pretty good way to super elevate curves.

It is easier to use on open type framework baseboards.

This may be ha ...

[quote=a6et]Sorry Linton

I guess I should not have replied to your post & what I said was not directed at you, or the aspect of your measurements, after all I was looking for them from the earliest ...

[quote=a6et]Ok I am wrong.

I guess now all those who have been trying to kill off TOR & its owner can now hold great celebrations about the way they are now going to be off the scene.

Anyway, it ...

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