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There is no NBN in the CBD. It is already well serviced by optical cables from multiple providers. Part of the service location problem was just how many separate entities had stuff d ...

Posted 01 Sep 2014 02:13 in New South Wales by mandonov

Don't know why everyones ragging on the Hunter Sets new livery. I think it looks quite good.

Not only are the front sides now burger orange on A sets. Just spotted the whole front done in the same tacky colour.
I thought they looked a little off with the competing colours. a ...

The Metro Transport website redirects to the Governments Light Rail portal and the Metro Light Rail site redirects to 131500. Metro Monorail is understandably non-existent as well.

Posted 29 Jun 2013 04:20 in Sydney Suburban by mandonov

What did i just read?

I'm all for sinking the rail lines to Strathfield, but overhead conveyor belts to a prefabricated port? Above ground M4 East? Everything shipped from China, including workers? ...

Posted 25 Jun 2013 11:02 in Sydney Suburban by mandonov

"This service is operated by NSW Transport - Sydney Trains".... as opposed to what? Virgin Trains? Metro Trains Sydney?

Looks better than the hop logo, though...
As opposed to ...

Posted 25 Jun 2013 10:50 in Sydney Suburban by mandonov

Weren't there a bunch of job cuts in middle management and (apparently) redundant maintenance staff?. Plus they're building stuff I guess, but thats mostly leftover projects that the previous governme ...

Would building an interchange (ie. Intercity, regional, country, light rail, bus.) at Woodville Junction be better than Wickham or Broadmeadow?

Posted 19 Jun 2013 13:59 in Sydney Suburban by mandonov

Did Biami give this train a name? Does the name Waratah come from the same indigenous langauge as Tangara, the latter apparently means 'to go.'

The waratah is the state flo ...

Best of both worlds?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it was my understanding that the Bankstown Line is the only line that can go either way around the circle.

Posted 15 Jun 2013 22:08 in Sydney Suburban by mandonov

I think that strip of red is meant to represent NSW TrainLinks colour.

If the eastern lanes of the bridge were reclaimed for rail use, would slinging the Cahill under the bridge shut annoyed motorists up? Or is it easier to just sling the rail under?

So is the NWRL a sure thing yet? If not when does it become one?

I think Parramatta Councils choice not to use the Carlingford Line in its light rail proposal is smart. It allows for future expansion of the line complemented by light rail.

Is there anyway to find what the cost of a 4km rail tunnel w/ 4 stations,1 a major interchange, is? It would have to be able to be bui ...

Is there anyway to find what the cost of a 4km rail tunnel w/ 4 stations,1 a major interchange, is? It would have to be able to be built on a high water table with ventilation adequate enough for dies ...

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