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Now they can finally fix the levels on it

While the completion of the railway was a historic moment, it took another ~80 years for the line to be standardised

Electrify the whole network and buy some Xtrap's from Melbourne

Posted 08 Jan 2017 15:46 in South Australia by mclaren2007

It can't possibly be made a request stop, thanks to those "concerned residents" who think they're losing a train service (that they probably don't use anyway)

Posted 04 Jan 2017 19:35 in South Australia by mclaren2007

Some activity at Torrens Park today. I wonder if they are finally rebuilding that Mechano set into a proper station.

unions Rolling Eyes

Can't disagree there, at least its ugliness is hidden from passing cars.

As for stop on request only, we can't have that because people will complain, just look Millswood. Large amount of money spe ...

I think upgrading stations and electrifying the whole network are of higher priority.

Has anyone seen Torrens Park, its like a Meccano set.

And who's gonna pay for it? There isn't exactly a lot of money floating around now after blowing it all on the hospital.

Without grade separations at Oaklands, Hove and Emerson, improving anything re. stopping patterns is impossible.

Sadly the Govt can't do a thing, you can't give money to a company that has no money.

Whyalla will become SA's Detroit if the company is done.

Don't mention the state capital of Alaska, that place doesn't have road access!!

I was aware that Las Vegas wasn't the state capital, I just wanted to make the point about travelling between large  ...

[quote=thadocta][quote]I don't understand some of the posters on this thread. I would be embarrassed to live in a country where there is no passenger rail service between 2 capital cities.[/quote]Even ...

Posted 26 Jan 2016 23:04 in South Australia by mclaren2007

Can someone explain why they duplicated the first part of the Tonsley line, it just seemed so unnecessary.

Meanwhile there are stations that are in bad need of an upgrade, like Torrens Park.

Posted 26 Jan 2016 23:02 in South Australia by mclaren2007

Our rail network is an embarrassment.

Can't electrify our entire network all at once, then requires replacement of the wire, speed restrictions, inability to grade separate when building a new stat ...

Unfortunately city to city rail in Australia is dead and has been for a long time. Its not really a commuter train, more a method for tourists or those who cannot fly.

I've always wanted to travel  ...

Maybe they could have spent the money upgrading Torrens Park rather than opening another station and making the line even slower

government's got no money

ok, lets put back the trams that we tore up in the 50's


Posted 30 Sep 2015 18:40 in South Australia by mclaren2007

the stopping procedure on the 4k needs work, its terribly inefficient

now arriving at "Oaklands"

**train stops**

beep-beep-beep "Oaklands"

**passengers board***

beep-beep-beep "Doors Closing"


Great seperation at Garidner should have occured in 96 when the bridge was put in over the freeway.

hindsight is a wonderful thing Sir

Posted 17 Aug 2015 18:07 in South Australia by mclaren2007

they weren't exactly used as they should have been anyway - stopping all stops wasn't their intended use

Posted 15 Aug 2015 16:10 in South Australia by mclaren2007


$689 for a trip to Broken Hill, what a joke.

Who does GSR think we are, B. Bishop?

11 billion for the tunnels? I wonder where they're gonna get the money from, it doesn't simply grow on trees.

Very interesting indeed. It seems a few egos got in the way, not realising the long term problems their decisions would have.

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