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Well i also paid for mine back in 06.

I also rang the day they arrived in Port and was told they were to be posted by the Friday.

Nothing for 2 weeks so i rang again and was told on Tuesday they wou ...

For sale. W class loco kit as built version. Also does NSW 7101 demonstrator unit.

Kit includes cast shell, steps, headstocks, exhaust stacks, light shrouds, chassis mounts, coupler mounts and cast c ...

Yeah i did the same almost 4 days ago. And yes you guessed it eBay did nothing about it. Was even more peeved since i had something listed that was Aussie outline that did suit traino, auscision etc b ...

Should we open betting on the P class being the surprise model and the AMRA Vic exhibition?  My bet is yes.



I'm betting cheesy N's and A's.


[quote=MRHD66]im chasing these HO lima wagons


[img]http://i1056. ...

Now that these are here, and looking wonderful, it brings me to ask the following question.

Did the N sets just run as the 4 car set (and then Z car/s added later as needed) by themselves or did th ...

Just to clear something up, and it may not matter. But i am using GP thinners to thin my paint before spraying.

And i am generally spraying more than 1 or 2 models, more like 5 or 6 at any one time.


Thanks guys appreciate the info.

One thing that has been missing since i built the thing was lighting and or heat to help dry the models.

So guessing if i wanted to add some heat i could add a cou ...

Been following this from the start.

I made one from a busted front loader washing machine.

Added a door, several computer fans, castors  and works well.

Takes a while for the paint to dry and can b ...

Hi all

I am after a couple of sets of the Aberdeen meats decals for a couple of FMW's (think that is is anyway).

I have a couple of these that need to be finished but the decals supplied have been ...

Any chance of posting the traders that will be in attendance Bill?

Either a Hornby Terrier or a Hornby Stepney.Both are the same mech.
Or if you can get a Dapol or bachmann one would suffice.

Hmm, still nothing in country Victoria.Maybe the delivery van went on strike this issue.

After a dummy plug for an Austrains 2nd run NR. Needing to change a recently purchased NR from DCC back to DC.If you have one and wish to get rid of it PM me and we will discuss. Or if you know where  ...

Hello there

Really, really, really after an Austrains C class chassis, without or with mech. Prefer just the chassis with fuel tanks in VR blue but will consider any.

If you have one and you wish  ...

Signs of all kinds were doing the decals, just not sure of their contact details.


So nobody reads AMRM?  The R class is being assembled.But hey, it more convenient to complain on an internet forum instead of phoning or emailing the source.Exactly! I emailed Eureka Models about a m ...

Reckon by the end of the first hour Ron will have a sign up saying where it is Laughing

I notice 7***6 hasn't been back for another go since m***b saved him/her from their own stupidity. I wonder if m***b is a dummy bidder.Ok, I've been watching several items on eBay and I've just realiz ...

He obviously never used the money from a previous sale to buy that new camera either  Laughing

Hi AllAfter an Austrains C class chassis.Don't need the motor or handrails, just the chassis.Also after an Austrains X class shell.Pm if you can help.Lindsay

You can get the decals from Eric at railscale models.He has them with the brass backing sheet.Think they were $15 or $16 for 6 decals.LB Yep Eric's nameboards are the way to go. I used them on my 10 c ...

You can get the decals from Eric at railscale models.He has them with the brass backing sheet.Think they were $15 or $16 for 6 decals.LB

I believe he stopped using PayPal as they held onto a lot of his money from his eBay and not sending his crap out days.

Although i suspect those days are still amongst us.

Now the rant...... ...

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