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Suspension bearing failure. They're generally pretty fatal particularly where the failure caused an axle seizure.

The reason is simple - there are no qualified crews to operate them. CountryLink has dropped the ball and not ensured there is sufficient crewing depth when the ranks thin.  It's stupidly poor plannin ...

1) Bathurst only runs 'on demand', so days and times are variable.  Usually it's a late night / early AM run to port, and after peak heading out to Kelso.

2) The loading of the train is more often  ...

Posted 13 Oct 2015 08:18 in Victoria by monday

Kuldalai, that is only a theoretical assumption to be made about being easier to go to a narrower gauge.

As an example, ive had a good dialogue with a former Comeng Engineer about the practical asp ...

Posted 12 Oct 2015 19:58 in Victoria by monday

Again, I reiterate that a SG VLo is achievable, its just not a five minute job.

Posted 12 Oct 2015 17:55 in Victoria by monday

The problem with the Hunter Cars is that the very small order has to absorb the development costs associated with its engineering, and hence, has a very high 'per unit cost'.

I think that Railcorp  ...

Posted 12 Oct 2015 16:31 in Victoria by monday

Most of the mods required (as they appeared to me) were to do with the fact that its disc braking rather than tread braking so everything needed to be altered to suit (read as redesign) - there wasnt  ...

Posted 12 Oct 2015 15:25 in Victoria by monday

There is no 'easy' way to gauge convert the current VLo bogie.

Im not saying its not achievable, but its not as straight forward gauge converting an N loco - push in the discs, rehang the brake lev ...

Posted 12 Oct 2015 12:02 in Victoria by monday

I find it frustrating when people cloud the arguments.

The statement:-

'we dont want a vlocity'

really should be better articulated to:-

'We'd be happy with a Vlocity, provided 1) It has  ...

Posted 06 Oct 2015 10:26 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by monday

If an organisation can't scrounge $2k per year, IMHO they have no business operating real sized trains.  

The regulatory burden from the T&H sector is huge and yet makes up such a small portion of  ...

Posted 19 Sep 2015 19:53 in Victoria by monday

The problem with McIntyre:-

1) Its not a freight terminal - not great road access, and layout is not condusive (which you could put up with though if you had to).  The sidings are too short to hold ...

Does anyone have any links to Flickr pix or Youtube footage of the movement this morning to Seymour?

According to the 'technology', it is interesting to note that CM3304 and CM3308 are at Cristal Mining Siding this afternoon, presumably this is the first of the Toll / Balco service today?

Posted 30 Aug 2015 16:44 in South Australia by monday

On tangent about where are the yellow school buses, regional SA.

Interesting and rather random, th ...

Posted 30 Aug 2015 11:07 in South Australia by monday

The RISSB has a credo of 'Continuous improvement, not delayed perfection', which I think is particularly relevant and applicable in the context of the operation of this train.  Metaphorically, it is r ...

Posted 28 Aug 2015 17:08 in South Australia by monday

For those of us no longer resident in SA, is it confirmed that the 2000's are now officially off regular rostered jobs, or have they made some adhoc reappearances despite being in 'retirement'?

At  ...

Posted 28 Aug 2015 10:53 in South Australia by monday

$1m over three years is nothing.  The SA Gummint would be struggling to run an equivalent bus service for that cost - $3,205 per service is still good value.  It is erroneous to assume that buses woul ...

Posted 27 Aug 2015 18:08 in South Australia by monday

I dont think there is going to be a big enough humble pie for naysayers and chicken-littles on this subject ...

There was a comment on 22/8 from 'overlander' that suggested it was some other sleeper - their SJ is already operational, so I presumed that it was in addition to the SJ already in service.

Out of curiosity, what is the stainless twinette that 707 have on broad gauge that is imminently operational?

Posted 20 Aug 2015 12:56 in New South Wales by monday

The only crack in S317 is a control air pipe feeding into EP switch gear going into the electrical cabinet, being replaced due to fatigue from vibrations over the life of the loco.

I love the 'chin ...

Please don't take this the wrong way, but if you are reliant on RP to so advise relevant contact details, you are out the game before you start.

Secondly, Aurizon will not sell any locos locally, a ...

Posted 15 Aug 2015 09:17 in South Australia by monday

35 years is pretty good. Time to move on.

I wonder if the withdrawal is authentic or is it like the "last" A class run with Vline 18 months ago, and still turns up in service every now and then eve ...

Did the CM's have any wagons in tow with them, and if so, any idea of the numbers and / or wagon code - CQYY etc?

Has anything happened with the change in operations of the Cristal Mining / Bemax train out of Broken Hill?  New locos / operators / services?

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