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Those are good photo Leungy.

Route 75 to Knox

I would agree with this idea. It would provide local residents a way of getting into the CBD much more quickly.

I'm sure the trams will go great along Barkly St

Have gone along Bar ...

Posted 08 Dec 2008 17:31 in Test Forum by national_link

Testing to see if my new PC will work with RP.



Hi All,

I've  got my Y Class In My Hands. Ordered Y163 In V/Line Pass. It'll give years of service, soon! Pics will come eventually.

Hi All,

I'm hopeful to get at least 1 81 - Hoping for two. Either way, I'm thinking of getting them in PN.

Thanks All. Now I have to decide what to do.

Hi All,

Don't mean to do this, but.....

A decision on when to release the models to the Austrains retail network will be made in late February.

Can Anyone shed some light over this? I have a Y  ...

I Agree With All Of The Above, I've flown Virgin recently, And I think If Jetstar gets its engines into Max. Power And Promote less Sales, And Improve Customer Service, They'll soon be competing again ...

Still waiting for the shop to call. Hopefully they are released into the shops soon.

An answering machine would be acceptable to leave a message that could be listened too

I agree with this statement. If john doesn't want whining talking to him then an answering machine is needed u ...

They should be good, I ordered Y163. Now, the secret testing (For my Y, That is) is set to begin. Bounce

Posted 18 Jan 2008 15:36 in General by national_link

This looks like its gonna be good. Very Happy Dark Blue

The new site is online, with updates as well. Read the News section for a major announcement  Smile
I'm currently working on a Logo, which should be featur ...

Update by end of today or tomorrow.

Posted 11 Jan 2008 17:01 in Other Transport by national_link

Unbelievable. If I was on board, I would be Spew

Good news, gentlemen. The New Link is nearly ready. Should be up by tomorrow. But the Pictures seen will be re-allocated.

Thanks for that fabricator. Anymore problems, give me a yell. I'm preparing to publish the site on a different address. Should be done in a couple of hours.

Thanks for the advice. I have indentified the problem as well.

When it bounces, take this out of the address bar.


This is after the .html part. It should work. If not, I'll put i ...

I'm working on finding a new link, should be fixed soon. Sorry for the Inconvenience.

Website is online, but is on a temporary address.

I am proud to announce the formation of a new video site.

National Link Prouductions (Or NLP).

I currently, is the only person to produce videos for NLP.

The Website will be up in a few days.

I have one thing left to say.

OzJet, get some new planes NOW before a Major Crash occurs.

Posted 26 Dec 2007 09:23 in Victoria by national_link

Link is incorrect.

Duplication from Ferntree Gully to Belgrave won't happen

- There Is Little, maybe even no room to put a second rail line.

- I don't believe that residents would want a second line due to the f ...

My Grandparents are in Doncaster, so I signed it.

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