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It's pretty common for there to be a X'Trap in the yards at the Craigieburn workshops.  I'm never close enough to get unit numbers off of it so no idea if it's the same set or different sets rotating  ...

[quote=Gman_86]Bell St Preston wouldn't be getting that higher priority. The current projects are Burke Rd, Gardiner and Main Rd St Albans. One thing you can rest assured, their will be no work starti ...

While riding to work this morning, I noticed that a set of containerised site offices had been put in place on the down side of the Bell Station / Bell St crossing.

299M ran the 7:23 Hurstbridge Up this morning.

279M -- 275M was one of the culprits this morning, I went past me on the down running the 7:43 Watsonia -> Eltham service while everyone waited for the 7:49 up to roll straight past without stopping.

I saw 285M and co on the Hurstbridge line twice today, once at Watsonia at 7:46 heading down to Eltham, and again tonight It ran the 5:45 down from Clifton Hill to Greensborough.

275M decided to take me home again tonight.

Left Clifton Hill at 5:29 on the run to Greensborough

The Hitachi Hauntings of Hurstbridge continue!

Tonight was 275M's turn to run to Greensborough. For me being the 5:30 from Clifton Hill

To add to my list, 285M passed Watsonia around 6:37pm heading Up.  Looks like it was doing a dead run though.

Looks like its Hitachi season out on the Hurstbridge line at the moment.

Friday I went home on the 5:37 from Clifton Hill on 285M

Monday night same service was also ran by a Hitachi, didn't catch  ...

It looks like PSO's have become a permanent fixture at Watsonia of an evening now.  Biggest difference, everyone touches off on the way out!

Posted 11 Mar 2013 16:36 in Melbourne suburban by ngrundy

Based on the works flyer I was handed during the week they are also replacing some sleepers and  ballast cleaning between FSS and Jolimont.

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