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[color=#141823][size=2][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Just a quick note to let everyone know that I've finally done a little update to the website. You can go here for details [url=http://www.robx ...

Hi all. Can anyone provide some info on the KQYY wagons at Junee Roundhouse? eg Builder, owner/operator, number group.

I managed photos of KQYY 0003-R, KQYY 0010V, KQYY 0011H and KQYY 0013C. Who has  ...

Spoke to Mark today. He is changing his web site host and site should be back up within 48 hours.

He is not so sure about the forum however.

Regards, Rob

The 20 NMNY that went to NRC and became RMNY were

34501 - 25/10/1994      34538 - 14/06/1994      34567 - 25/07/1994      34586 - 06/10/1994

34510 - 04/05/1994      34539 - 06/06/1994      34570  ...

WayneTedrow - thank you for providing the photographic evidence. Fantastic of you to share.Catchpoint - I echo your kudos to CraigW - I have always read and appreciated his articles.To everyone else w ...

Hi allThe NSW Rolling Stock returns for June,  July,  August, September and October 1968 showed a total of 575 RU wagons being recoded to SRU wagons. The December 1968 Rolling Stock return states " ...

Would anyone have a spare ticket issued from Dunmore (Shellharbour)??

I believe it should be large machine number 2155.

Please PM me if you can help

Fingers crossed and  TIA

Posted 23 Jul 2007 10:53 in Melbourne suburban by obzerver

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