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Posted 20 Dec 2018 21:26 in Victoria by popey

The current WTTs are available on V/Line's corporate website at:

[url=] ...

[quote=Nightfire][quote]It's actually a (sold out) private charter - but with Steamrail rolling stock. It's a good opportunity for R711 to stretch its legs and run at up to line speed for a significa ...

Posted 02 Feb 2017 19:38 in Victoria by popey

Noticed the Working timetables are back: [url=]

Of more interest ...

Posted 27 Sep 2014 16:27 in Victoria by popey

[quote=don_dunstan]Any announcement yet on testing of the new Deer Park-West Werribee diversion? Looks to be pretty much complete from the latest photos I've seen.

No doubt the opening announcement ...

Hi Greg,  

Being a new install, I would say you're using the version 1.4 CD which required the CD to be in the drive.  If you follow the instructions at:

Great shots and videos, guys!

As both K's came back, does mean that only J549 is left at Maldon?

I had a quick look around the net and this thread on ([url=http://]link) seems to ...

Southbank's A1.232 is running a route 86 service

A1s seemed to be all over the place on route 48 this evening (about 5.30), A1.235 (East Preston) was outbound on W ...

Does anyone know how and when is K160 coming down?  Would be interesting sight to see.


In relation to 500's in ANR Red/Grey, there is a wonderful picture of 532 at Port Pirie in 1980 in the September/October issue of Motive Power.


Posted 09 Aug 2013 20:07 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by popey

Look like normal C44 type hoods. Maybe more expensive shelf stock to be built?


These are ...

DERM 58 passed  through Werribee at 1715 being hauled by N474.  Presumably it failed near Geelong?

There's a quite nice picture of 1103 on RailPictures:

The cab design reminds me a bit of the Irish Class 071 and 141/181 classes.


Posted 23 Sep 2011 17:09 in Victoria by popey

Noticed as I went past that B65 had returned to ANZAC sidings with the rail train this afternoon.


G'day mate,

Yuri has posted a fix for this problem.  You can find it at this address:



Hi all,

Can anyone tell me the currently operational ex VR Y class that are with PN?  I'm especially interested to know where they are curently based as well (I can only think of Dynon off the top  ...

Posted 16 Nov 2009 17:41 in Victoria by popey

An amazing loco/wagon transfer heading towards Geelong passed through Werribee at 1700 tonight consisiting of:

A85-H5-P19-Y1xx-Y1xx-Y165-T396?-about 8-10 empty log wagons-H1

Dad an I chased it a ...

Posted 21 Oct 2009 17:49 in Victoria by popey

C501 lead T386 light engine through Werribee at 1700 heading westbound.  I presume heading for Portland???


Posted 26 Sep 2009 13:10 in Victoria by popey

Saw an unidentified 22 waiting to head west from Laverton Loop with a short container at 1210 this afternoon.  I presume this was MH6?


Posted 27 Aug 2009 18:26 in Victoria by popey

G524 with the company of XR558 and about 20 goofies spent the day in the Melbourne Yard arrival roads.  They were joined in the arvo by what appeared to be a loaded Quarry (couldn't see if any locos a ...

Posted 10 Aug 2009 18:36 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by popey

Thanks for the replies, guys.

I think I'm getting too confused with all these new engines and companies!


Posted 09 Aug 2009 11:34 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by popey

Whats with the different liveries?  The third one in shot 1 looks like its in QRN's WA livery.


Nice photos, VBAndy, wongm and pheonics  Smile
Went and saw it in both directions either side of Werribee.  Sun managed to come out on the down trip, so here's the one decent photo I managed to get.  ...

Posted 28 Jul 2009 18:16 in Victoria by popey

A85-T400 passed through Hoppers Crossing with a down Geelong cement at 0745 this morning - unusual for that time of morning.


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