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[quote=justarider]Frankston trains will run from Richmond to Parliament and around the loop to North Melbourne and out to Craigeburn ??

Now with MM1, there will be no trains from either Dandenong o ...

Posted 15 Sep 2019 22:43 in Operators by potatoinmymouth

What will it take to change the culture. Poor services for over 10 years in my north east line.
Do enlighten us as to what V/Line’s culture has to do with the quality of se ...

Blame Big Ted for dithering on it and the vet for getting his crayons out.

If only they would go with underpasses rather than overpasses, much less noticeable!
Rossco T
Also smelly, dank, dark, dangerous, and, given we no longer have steam in regular service, o ...

Wouldn’t worry about it too much bevans, saw a number given in the article about 2014 patronage as well, which doesn’t match the PTV report for that year, so probably just a different methodology.

This is really weird that the angle everyone is taking on the latest patronage figures is "commuter crush" - it's actually a reasonably susbtantial decline on last year's 240.9 million. That's not goo ...

Actually RTT the state isn't running up debt and 4-5 billion is nothing for NSW at the moment.
Don't be a dill. NSW net debt is budgeted to rise from -1.4% of GSP to 5.2% over  ...

Posted 07 Sep 2019 22:43 in Victoria by potatoinmymouth

The NSW wagons what tonnages are they running for the grain fully loaded ?

Is there some computer virus affecting people’s ability to scroll up this week?

81, for wha ...

Is it grim that Dandenong is still 2 tracks? Yeah. “Missed generational opportunity”? Dunno about that.

Catch a train along there, or browse through Google Maps; there are significant sections ...

I’m sure the 139 people who use it on an average day would value a second bus shelter.

Yes, I suspect the closure will be utilised to access the station box as well. I agree three years is a long time otherwise.

For once I agree with Michael. 30tph is just getting a bit silly, especially as the radial lines won’t be running anywhere near that. 6tph off peak to begin with and increasing to 10-12 in sections  ...

Anyway, describing SRLA as a "government owned corporation" is inaccurate. They're an administrative office, just like MTIA; think of them as "mini-departments". Considering the MTIA has just about un ...

Posted 02 Sep 2019 16:15 in Victoria by potatoinmymouth

[quote=RTT_Rules][quote][quote]I agree on this. Locomotive hauled trains are more suitable for long consists.[/quote]

I believe this too. This is why carriages are used on longer consists something ...

[quote=SinickleBird]I don’t understand the connection with the Town Hall incident in Sydney last week. Unless the survey covered just that one day.

4.5 km/hr would suggest a 5 hour journey time f ...


Works notifications confirm the direction in ...

If I ever knew this, I had forgotten: foundations are provided under platform 15/16 at Southern Cross for underground platforms.

it's entirely possible we have 13 yo posters in Railpage.
The Vinelander

I’d say probable. A rich history... !

Metro is the future in Sydney and as mentioned above the complete meltdown of the Sydney trains system is likely to expediate that.

This is as silly as saying a meltdown of M ...

I imagine if you told the men who built that signal box it would one day be superseded and need to be demolished to improve the railway, they would be delighted.

The commissioners of yore would be turning in their graves to see it’s taken more than three years to build a damn siding, and there still isn’t a single sleeper on the ground.

No need to fine them, they made fools enough of themselves. Cops were there within minutes and trains delayed less than 10 minutes. Hilarious.

Whatever you do, don’t let the guvmint force that urban renewal stuff on you!

At the same time, there’s no point paying a gang to keep it on the straight and level if there are no trains offering.

I’m sorry, I have been using the name for a while in this thread and I got lazy. Yes, it is the Down Independent Goods Line. This line and its Up counterpart diverge from the SG lines at West Footsc ...

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