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How about deliver the Airport Rail via the Suburban Rail Loop. 15 Billion for Airport Rail, absolutely not. Deliver it via SRL and then build RRL 2.0.

Southern Cross to Seymour, Shepparton and Bend ...

The SRL isn’t a bad concept, the western and northern ends do need a rethink. I would rather deliver the Airport Rail via the Suburban Rail Loop, the 15 Billion dollar city to airport is a bigger jo ...

Would be a ridiculous waste of money to truncate at Eltham after they are spending $$$ in stage 2 to duplicate some track between Wattle Glen and Diamond Creek

[url=/user/2][b]@bevans[/b] - what’s with the continual bashing of Labor, Andrews and the skyrail works. CD9 Skyrail has been a success.

All this heritage stuff is ridiculous. It’s a signal bo ...

With the elevated rail project on the Caulfield-Dandenong Line, the LXRA mentions it as being completed. However, the station canopies on most if not all of the stations have not been finished and com ...

Changing trains isn’t a problem, I do it every day. As long as the service runs on time and every few minutes connectivity wise than that’s fine.

Every Metro system in the world has people cha ...

Changing trains at Sunshine. Costing 15 Billion.

Even the 15 Billion in general is extreme. Just build a direct bus lane/Busway all the way into the city out to the airport. Might as well get on bui ...

I don’t see why we should even bother expanding Avalon and keeping it at all. Melbourne already has one airport in the West. That airport is particularly hard to get to. Going to catch a flight from ...

[quote=MetroFemme]Work being specified for new metro 2 as track management plans now indicate metro 1 will cause issues on Sandringham line. Expect work to link this line with Newport via tunnel.[/quo ...

May I ask what will happen in regards to the crossover at Coburg now that there’s elevated rail going in place ?


Intere ...

Posted 12 Jun 2019 11:28 in Trams and Light Rail by ptvcommuter

When will high capacity trams be coming, most likely for the 86 and 96. Would be nice to solve capacity and demand with the luas variant of tram, which is 55m in length

Increasingly clear that the Age is swinging more towards the right every day and feeding out liberal party propaganda.

You can’t just close that many crossings, many are useful for people and locals to get across to where they need to go

Would consider adding Highett Rd as a priority, traffic has become very bad ...

Elevate the line, remove all three level crossings at Toorak Rd, Tooronga Rd and Glenferrie Rd and be done with it

It’s also better for Glen Waverley Line passengers as removing all three as one ...

Good luck terminating trains at Greensbourough on two platforms

3 TPH to Hurstbridge in Peak, trains every 20 mins

3 TPH to Eltham in Peak, trains every 10 mins

4 TPH to Greensborough In ...

The following look like they may or will be broken election promises or just not going to happen

- Baxter Rail

- Airport Rail

- Geelong High Speed Rail

- Suburban Rail Loop

- Caulfield To Rowvi ...

Cragieburn, Werribee, Mernda and Sandringham Lines could do with a 10 Minute all day Frequency alongside the Sunbury Line

Posted 21 May 2019 18:15 in Other Transport by ptvcommuter

Doncaster Rail would be great but sadly looks like it will never eventuate

Problem is the busway will only carry 4000 people Max and that’s with articulated busses

The Hoddle St/Eastern fwy a ...

Posted 20 May 2019 17:18 in Other Transport by ptvcommuter

Traffic in Melbourne is getting worse and worse. The east of Melbourne is jammed full of cars and the Eastern Fwy around Hoddle St/Alexandria Pde is full of traffic

So what is the solution ? Well  ...

@True Believers Can see this as an option

Using the Sunshine-Newport Line and also serving Altona Meadows, Point Cook and Werribee

The other option is for Melton to go via Metro Tunnel and the ...

@True Believers

Fawkner may change to Gowrie’

@True Believers

Not really changing much. It is a worthwhile project but a small 3.2km addition from Southland to Sandringham is supported by many and logical

Fawkner is a dud, Reservior can be ...

Fantastic news

SRL is needed for Victoria and with some minor tweaking (3.2km extension to Sandringham, few more stations, rerouting the line to serve better precincts rather than Reservior/Fawkne ...

3 Billion of the EW Link locked box has been committed towards Metro Tunnel. What will the other 1 Billion get recommitted towards ?

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