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Posted 07 Sep 2015 11:08 in South Australia by r377


As I recall the accident was on Doctors Road or similar.

The Old south Road LX at Hackham had flashing lights. By 1965 the Hackham LX had been straightened out. ...

Posted 07 May 2015 01:01 in South Australia by r377

Thanks for the replies.  I am researching the Onkaparinga area in particular Morphett Vale and Pt Noarlunga, aswell as the train line.  I have no grand plans for a book or anything of the sorts - I ju ...

Posted 06 May 2015 12:51 in South Australia by r377

Was the Moana Station here ?

35°11'28.48"S 138°29'1.50"E

Posted 06 May 2015 01:20 in South Australia by r377

Posted 06 May 2015 01:18 in South Australia by r377

Is this the Yeto station ? I thought this was the MV station....

If so where was the Morphett Vale station ?

Posted 06 May 2015 01:14 in South Australia by r377

[quote=miktrain]To help you out here are some of the locations, dig out Google Earth and have a look

Old Willunga Station 35°16'9.00"S 138°33'4.09"E

Hallet Cove Station 35° 3'58.40"S 138°30' ...

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