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Posted 07 Nov 2016 19:31 in Victoria by randomnarwhal

Is this one of the P push-pull services? If it is, then P15 is currently at Newport with several engine covers removed.

Posted 08 Oct 2016 13:06 in Victoria by randomnarwhal

Train Hobby's "Country Branch Lines Victoria Part 3" gives the date of closure as the 30th November 1976

Do you know why the promoted tour to Vic and SA didn't eventuate in 2015? Just wondering, I never heard why it didn't happen.
I think the reason given was that there were still ...

a double header with 766 and a 38 should satisfy all the steam enthusiasts from Brisbane to Perth.

Or even better, back to Vic, back to BG, quadruple header R class.

Fl ...

Will this be steam or diesel?
"The Seymour Railway Heritage Centre invites you on a special vintage diesel haul heritage railway tour to Geelong on Saturday 8th October, with ...

Posted 17 Aug 2016 22:13 in Victoria by randomnarwhal

I've had a couple of drivers refuse to leave until someone touched on or got off, and the other day I saw a group of inspectors standing at a bus interchange. First time in however many years.

[quote=silvertrain80]im guessing the photograph would be down. on the comeng page on vicsig right at the bottom theirs are some other comengs apparently stored at Newport workshops not in sets either. ...

There seems to have been an infestation of Xtrapolii at Macauley depot. Three sets (116M being the only one I could read) occupying the former Hitachi roads.


For those who do not suffer the site of Satan, "R 766 won't steam till it gains accreditation and that has been going on for quite some time. Try again in 2018."

Also: "R766 ...

[quote=Highrailer]Found this on a facebook page so it might shed a little light on something about this loco.

[url=]https://www. ...

Just got off the train at Ballarat. We were delayed "due to temporary speed restrictions" between Melton and Bacchus Marsh, and tomorrow "due to unscheduled track works there will be delays and cancel ...

My mistake, I saw "greaser" and went straight to Harris. I'm not sure about the tait greaser.

[quote=silvertrain80]Hi all im am new to this page and i was wondering what ever happend to tait greaser 1447M i saw it on google earth in 2006 image on rotten road was it scrapped or is it being rest ...

Posted 24 Mar 2016 22:13 in General by randomnarwhal

[quote=br30453][quote]As popular as the locos. 1 bid and sold.[/quote]Download copy at:

[url=][/quote]Interesting, thanks for ...

Mobile version: From the home page, the menu button doesn't do anything so you can't get to the forums. Once in the forums (having navigated via URL), there is no way to log in. The buttons at the top ...

Posted 24 Mar 2016 18:07 in General by randomnarwhal

As popular as the locos. 1 bid and sold.

To add to the chaos, some trams along Swanston were terminating at QV for some reason. A friend went to catch one, and it and the following 3 were terminated early.

What on earth is this?

"Silent, speedy and powerful" - are we thinking of the same Vlocitys?

"Old diesel locomotives lie by the side" - literally or metaphorically?

"Melton greets the passengers.  ...

Posted 04 Mar 2016 10:03 in Victoria by randomnarwhal

Not withstanding the SMS why are V/Line issuing speed restrictions on new track with concrete sleepers?
To give more of a chance of stopping if the track buckles?

[quote=trainbrain]With all the doom and gloom with the velocities and Railway crossing saga and with these trains being withdrawn from service, I pose the question . Have any of the withdrawn vehicles ...

Ours are surprisingly happy on a leash...

Meanwhile, 9M is believed to have derailed its trailer at Rushall. The week is getting better and better for PT...

Spoke to Mark today. He is changing his web site host and site should be back up within 48 hours.

He is not so sure about the forum however.

Regards, Rob
Hope the forum does c ...

[quote=Mufreight]Seems that there are more interested in creating obstacles than possible solutions, is A/C essential for passenger operations, desirable but essential? as for the numbers of steel bod ...

Files have been deleted from the server. It should be back up soon.

[quote="882seu4me"]So it is "pick the crime time" ? You condone a bit of graffiti, as long as nothing is stolen?

No wonder I can't post on this forum. I end up in a discussion about which crime we ...

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