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The tank is connected via fuel hose to the loco.

Thanks Trainplanner and bevans.  Such a relief after initially being recruited by a different company then told at the end of the training 'what job?'.

I'm at Bromelton.  Was there for an induction ...

Anyone here starting on the 21st with me as a shunter?

I've had an over-the-phone screening interview early December and nothing else since.

I did, however, ring up late December and ask if I'm still in the running and they advised that everyone will b ...

Anyone got a reply yet from Aurizon for the Muswellbrook position?




I rang today to find out if the intake has been completed and they said it's still ...

Yeah I've applied for all of those, each phone call I make however, I get told I need 6 - 24 months experience to apply for those roles.  So the million dollar question - how did all n second p ...

Hi again!

I've recently been screwed over after responding to a job ad for second person trainees, paying thousands of dollars to get the qualification...then left high and dry with the company rep ...

Ugh the QR job is for employees only apparently.

They're apparently reluctant to advertise for drivers because of the thousands of applications they'll get.  So which address should I go to so I can introduce myself and let them know I'm ready to go ...

Thankyou, Seb, for your helpful response and well wishes.

Do you have the name of a company that can issue the QLD safe working? Or just a search term I can use to look for one.

Good afternoon everyone!

I have recently been accepted by a recruiter to start a Driver Assistant course.

I live in QLD but will be doing the training in NSW and I was advised that at the end of ...

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