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Luckily there is little vandalism in such a remote area.

Chinese large cities have over a million surveillance cameras covering streets.

It probably is AI, which is in use in many large cities in China.  It mightn't be programmed to identify jay walkers or people crossing beyond the yellow line, but is used to trace criminals such as p ...

Posted 10 Apr 2022 23:08 in Victoria by route14

Were they pre-COVID?

Is it steeper than the approaches to the Riversdale level crossing?  I don't think so.

I believe this is a positive step towards combating anti-social behavour especially harassment and random attacks.

Posted 10 Apr 2022 14:53 in Victoria by route14

Still it leaves any MCF unit occupying the train's capacity without operating for an average of 50% of the journey time.  Does the pre-COVID demand of any Albury services comfortably fit into a 3-car  ...

Posted 06 Feb 2022 23:36 in Victoria by route14

Hi all, The newest New Photo on Vicsig (Newly uploaded photos excluding latest photos) shows an up Sunbury train hauled by B61 with two Z cars from 1992.  The train in the photo doesn't have a power v ...

Different employers might have different criteria.  For Transport NSW they now ask "target questions" in the online application that used to be asked during the interview.  Unfortunately the "confirm  ...

Posted 20 Dec 2021 11:42 in Melbourne suburban by route14

Peter Parker mentioned in his blog that the information on replacement bus routes is unclear and inconsistent between different information providers.

Posted 19 Dec 2021 22:04 in Trams and Light Rail by route14

I doubted the same.  So what are they actually doing?  Closing stop 44 on the up would be a very unwelcome decision.  If they were merging stop 44 and 45 on the down my idea is also to keep stop 45, s ...

Posted 19 Dec 2021 01:39 in Trams and Light Rail by route14

It was a weird decision.  I mentioned my doubt in the disruption thread.

Posted 18 Dec 2021 18:57 in Victoria by route14

73 zones?  I remember reading somewhere that Mildura was to be in zone 33 or maybe 36.

Posted 18 Dec 2021 16:32 in Trams and Light Rail by route14

Probably a driver training run for a diverted route 58 trip.

Posted 18 Dec 2021 16:31 in Trams and Light Rail by route14

Probably a driver training run for a diverted route 58 trip.

Have you got evidence of anyone who memorize lines with clues other than destination?

PTV names the lines with their original names because that's how they are named.  Almost no users subconciously associate the colour with the lines regardless of their linguistics background.

The non-dialect pronounciation of four can be mistaken as "for" but that's not a number.

Colour coding doesn't make them more identifiable.  It's common sense that if you want to go to Frankston, take a Frankston line train.  If you don't know the general direction of the intermediate sub ...

Why would you trouble locallers who know roughly which direction is which, who constitute to the majority of the patronage?

You'll need to refer to the network map to know what the green line is.

Posted 08 Dec 2021 13:12 in Victoria by route14

Unless it's in a closable container.

That complicates the issue.

Posted 06 Dec 2021 19:55 in Victoria by route14

Is the actual cooking done on a food truck when it's moving?

Well, all except the Northern group.

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