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[quote=simstrain]Some endeavours are being kept on for hunter line services but aside from that I believe they will be going to scrap unless the Vic government wants them for extra SG services. [/quot ...

There are something like 120 Aboriginal languages, none are written languages, so what would you choose ?

Dialects from the areas that the train would serve. There's only s ...

The Berejiklian Government has announced that the New Intercity Fleet (previously known as "NIF"), will now be named the "Mariyung"

Missed a chance there. Could have had th ...

You asked in a public thread.

My take is you’re having a laugh if you think ATO/ATP is the resolution.

Do I sound like I'm a joker.


Well, I mean, you *did* ask!

The Transport Plan is an old document, I remember reading it in 2016(!), so, you know, bucket of salt material. Especially when it comes to Carlo being part of the Cumberland line.

[quote=RTT_Rules]I remember vaguely the signals on the 16 - 19 many years back. The track work still looks like its set up for it. I can only assume thats its there in case of a major screw up with th ...

[quote=s3_gunzel]No, that move is not allowed as far as I can tell. You need to go around the Circle. I’ll reference the documents and get back to you, but I am sure you can’t terminate and go bac ...

Also I wonder if some all stops or all all stops services from say ashfield or homebush could terminate at Central platform 20.

No, that move is not allowed as far as I can t ...

[quote=8502] Disappointing for those looking to travel but accidents do happen on the rail network unfortunately it was not to be. Are there plans to reschedule the tour or will full refunds be provi ...

Why can't you repeat and not name the source?

Information is provided to me in confidence, I am not in a position to breach that confidence on a rail forum.

That will be a worry when the bureaucrats get hold of it unless the cause is blatantly obvious and not of a heritage cause.
It is an obvious cause, and not related to the  ...

Posted 23 Mar 2021 22:00 in Sydney Suburban by s3_gunzel

The derailment of Empty Heritage Cars occurred at Revesby Station, and was a result of a Broken Axle on Car TBC 532.
The broken axle was the result of the derailment. This is n ...

Posted 08 Mar 2021 10:49 in Railpage Australia™ by s3_gunzel

[quote=YM-Mundrabilla]As a matter of interest what does the 'herring' button actually do?[/quote]Anonymous, one click report.

Details here: [url=]https: ...

[quote=simstrain]The T3 isn't really a bottle neck for the city circle as all it is doing is removing 4 trains each side of the circle that filled in these spots perfectly because of the flyover at ce ...

[quote=dthead]Railpage should buy facebook. [/quote]I can imagine [url=/user/2][b]@bevans[/b]’ Credit Card bill now! All the commas.

Posted 11 Feb 2021 13:36 in New South Wales by s3_gunzel

Splod, uh, that post is from Jan 28, 2018!

I was getting END_OF_FILE errors all day, then mysteriously they stopped.

For the benefit of the record, what was wrong?

Posted 09 Feb 2021 10:31 in New South Wales by s3_gunzel

Google Maps recently started to charge for access to their API. At a bet I’d say that the API account is a free one and thus...

Posted 08 Feb 2021 19:13 in New South Wales by s3_gunzel

[quote=cityrail-rulez]I believe was hacked[/quote]

This'll be good.

[code]; DiG 9.10.6 in NS

;; ANSWER SECTION: 86400 IN NS ns4.digitalpaci ...

Posted 07 Feb 2021 13:36 in New South Wales by s3_gunzel

To add to NSWRcars point - the replacement is to provide an equal (except sleeper) service with lower operational overhead.

The certificate is valid.

Cerificate isn't the issue. Config on the server is -- Depends which URL throws the error, depends which one you need to fix.

Lmao, what actually happened to this site? why did it go offline for a week?
Switch packed it in, had to wait for delivery of a new switch. Nothing physically wrong with th ...

Unfortunately something that can't be solved with a one-off expensive refurbishment.
There's certainly a case for an upgrade to some of the interior layout - standardise seats be ...
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