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As for those inconvenienced, you’ll be next in the firing line.
I have very very safe working arrangements since I am my own boss, but I fully support protected indust ...

We are getting very close now to re-opening and this is a testament to all of the active members and their spirit and determination.
I have been watching Zig Zag for some yea ...

[quote=Valvegear]Preservation groups are (a) not bursting with people and (b) subject to a lot of correspondence, much of which begins with "Why don't you" or "Why haven't you" or "When will you". Man ...

Out of curiosity, is / has the Metro been affected by any of these strikes?
There was at one point a ban on all works to do with the Metro. I do not know if this had an effect  ...

Perhaps one thing we can agree on is that hopefully this industrial dispute will be resolved soon.
Yes, we can agree on that at the very least.

But I also think discussions of criminality (alleged or actual) are ad hominem/ hyperbolic at best, unless they directly relate to those topics.
The comments directly relate to th ...

Above post timed at 11:49am screenshot and referred to appropriate authorities.



If only we had the right to exercise opinion in this country - especially agains ...

Posted 17 Jul 2022 17:40 in Armchair Operators by s3_gunzel

How about getting the current IP operator to plonk a sit up car on its twice weekly service in each direction to/from Adelaide?
You mean the way they used to but then discontinued?


[quote=Junction box][quote][quote]Can anyone tell us what the key issue with the new intercity is please?[/quote]New trains don't allow guards to do their jobs. This is unsafe as the proposed operatin ...

[quote=KRviator][b]RTBU 1 : NSW Government 0[/b]

Gotta love that last comment though. "World class network, let down because of Union politics". UUmmm....[i]Who [/i]just lost a battery of court cas ...

That there is no facility for a guard to do a guards’ job as they currently do on every other type of train. No door controls, the crew doors are interlocked, and no cameras for the guards.

Ther ...

A better question would be “How many times has he already reneged with the railway since becoming premier?”

Fool me once, etc etc.

Posted 04 Jul 2022 14:04 in New South Wales by s3_gunzel

Skynews (here in the office) reporting Menagle is flooded what happens now with the Sydney to Melbourne rail line?
Long closed. It was closed yesterday.

[quote=alleve]It's not that simple. There aren't enough Hunters and Endeavours, they're already being used. As for steam trains and heritage stock, putting aside the issues with them running through t ...

Metro related track and infra is maintained by Sydney Trains.

[quote=KRviator][quote]I support protected industrial action where it’s appropriate, what’s going on in Sydney is NOT appropriate.[/quote]Fair Work Commission says differently. Guess you should go ...

I remember the 8 car V-sets had an extra guard, called a repeater, for part of the journey.
Repeaters are - I'm reliably informed - actually a CSA who provides Right of Way proce ...

[quote=nswtrains][quote][quote]All I can say is that the RTBU owes me several $50 cab fares[/quote]By all means, invoice them for it rather than bickering about it on a web board. Feel free to tell us ...

All I can say is that the RTBU owes me several $50 cab fares
By all means, invoice them for it rather than bickering about it on a web board. Feel free to tell us how it goes. I r ...

Posted 06 Jun 2022 12:26 in The Lounge by s3_gunzel

As I've said previously, you would be barking mad to inject that stuff into a kid.
But so we're clear, you're right with the pre-school vaccinations, right?

Not to mention, door replacements and camera replacements won't cost a billion. There's no way it'd cost that much.
You'd be surprised how terrible government contracts can be.

In 10-15 years, maybe. The Tangaras are great trains, they're nowhere near retirement.
The mighty 8-bit TMS is long overdue for retirement.

Will the TTU still add CCTV? I thought that was supposed to be a major part of it?
I believe not. ATP, priority seating and that’s it.

To accommodate the continuation of the Tangara TTU Project...
Are we still calling it that? My understanding is - and this is off-topic - but my understanding is that TTU has b ...

[quote=YM-Mundrabilla]Actually, I had seen one of these 'mechanical' telephone exchanges as a kid about 100 years ago and, more recently (about 50 years ago) a similar (?) Ericsson PABX that we had at ...

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