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Another place to enquire at is the Australian Railway Historical Society


Posted 14 Aug 2018 12:55 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by s_walker

[quote=lkernan][quote]These photos were posted back on July 10, 2018 when it seems there was some testing going on with 8606...looks like things didn't all go well ...

I worked on the trip yesterday and I talked to the people in charge of maintaining it and they say it was an issue with one of the motors and nothing to do with asbestos

That isn’t the reason C3218 didn’t run.

Some single deck electrics will be on display at Central over the June long weekend. 3102 won't be there.!transport-heritage-expo/c27a


Posted 11 Feb 2015 05:38 in New South Wales by s_walker

Steamrail has put some information on Facebook about this tour


Maybe they will get SSR101 and SSR102 to run a couple of passenger trains?

One from Sydney any one from Melbourne

The Sydney one could use carriages from RTM or 3801 ltd or LVR etc and go up to the ...

It looks like they have put the body on upside down.

For those in Sydney this weekend and want to get a model train fix there are some events on

AMRA has an open day at their club rooms at Mortdale on the Saturday ...

Are the U-boats about to be released from Bergs Hobbies worrying them?

Which Kadee couplers are suitable to replace the supplied ones so it will couple up with other rolling stock?


Are there plans to do or is someone working on sound files for Southern Rails new Xplorer / Endeavor rail motor models?


On the 27th July the RTM Is running a tour that goes up the hill and returns to Sydney via Cambelltown which is another option ...

Posted 09 Apr 2013 22:21 in Sydney Suburban by s_walker

Filmed at Carriage Works



Posted 22 Mar 2013 17:26 in Sydney Suburban by s_walker

T4801 and T4814 along with C3702 and C3708 have been preserved under the custodianship of Historic Electric Traction whose website is

The times that came with my tickets are:
Sydney Terminal   Dep 8:22
Strathfield                Dep 8:34
Hornsby                 Dep 9:07
Gosford                  Dep 9:55
Civic                       A ...

Posted 07 Aug 2012 13:05 in New South Wales by s_walker

The origional X101 is still at Carriage works. The engine has been fixed and is fully functional and is just waiting for some floor repairs and a final coat of paint.Steven

Posted 08 Jul 2011 05:33 in Sydney Suburban by s_walker

After they stoped refurbishing oil tankers on the site the 5 carriages were moved to another location so the site could be used for track machines.

Posted 21 Oct 2010 05:26 in Sydney Suburban by s_walker

T4801 and T4814 are both at carriage works as part of set W3. 4814 is currently getting an internal repaint.

Posted 13 Jul 2010 13:02 in Sydney Suburban by s_walker

3805 is not going to be scrapped. It is being kept with other cars for heritage.


I meant to say inside the carriage works building


The 2 48's should have been moved inside. Carriages have been reorganised to be taken to Chullora in January

The brake test car is preserved inside at Carriage Works.

The 2 yellow shunters from Hornsby (C3650 and C3660) as well as C3237 have been stripped for spares and are being aquired by SETS.

Steve ...

The tour was organised by and bookings done by the Australian Railway Hisorical Society. Historic Electric Traction were guides. It was advertised in their members mailout and on their website. Both t ...

I wonder how all the Optus employees are going to get to work on Monday? Currently there is a bus sevice from St Leonards stations ( I think there are ones from other stations as well) to their site a ...

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