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[quote=comtrain][quote][quote]Some people are never happy Very Happy (also noting likes) Oh wait a minute ....that's something usually said about me Smile

The first time in years I praise Ron, and you cannot se ...

[quote=alltrainzfan][quote][quote][quote][quote]What was the post about Ron and his solutions about the Trainorama 44? The blog post on the 9th says nothing about Trainorama 44s? Ron says it's one of ...

[quote=John_Bushell]I was just idly scrolling through the SDS site and I noticed a drawing of a JCW container flat. Not yet delivered as far as I can tell, and it does not fit my era so this is merel ...

Posted 01 Apr 2015 22:25 in Sydney Suburban by sandown

Disc brakes on all axles, Inboard on Trailer cars and Outboard on Motor cars like nswtrains said.

As there is no more equipment in the roof of a Tangara than a K set, the assertion that they are so ...

[quote=a6et]Thanks Allan

Very interesting indeed & from my old farts maths I come up with the following.

Looking at the drawings from the extreme outside of the edge of the nose from the cab to ...

The wagon code would have been GCX or HGX or NOGX, they are all the same as Poath and YM-M mentioned earlier.

I thought the chains were used to restrain wayward Drivers before they copped a flogging. Oh wait, wrong Tony Eid.

Cash boxes were also secured inside trains. V-sets, Mk1,11 S sets, Tangaras (I thi ...

The only real notable difference between them and the other guards/box vans is the inclusion of red marker lights, which surely wouldn't double the cost?

Maybe the pricing mechanic ...

Posted 02 Nov 2014 09:30 in Sydney Suburban by sandown

[quote=normw]What are C and M sets? Just recently mastered S & K.

Anyone with a car get a picture of these at Rossmore they'd like to share?

Am familiar with the de-mountables you speak of; assu ...

Posted 23 Oct 2014 20:56 in Sydney Suburban by sandown

You have got to be kidding! 2 months of crew training. What a joke.

Say 600 Drivers and Guards from Sector 2, 300 per month or about 10 per day. That's a lot of shifts to cover ...

Open floor lads.

Shell Bitumen siding, Carlo line.

Posted 13 Apr 2014 00:58 in Sydney Suburban by sandown

[quote=blacktails1985]3. And why are the Waratahs so horrible in the rain? What's up with that terrible shuddering?

Poor modulation of the Slip Slide control unit, the design doesn't offer adequate ...

Posted 13 Apr 2014 00:42 in Sydney Suburban by sandown

[quote=piepants]7. Group of 3 lights in the middle: bottom is low beam, center is high beam, and top is unused. The reason these look "bright" is because they are HID projector lamps. Not sure why the ...

Posted 06 Apr 2014 10:03 in Sydney Suburban by sandown

The projected date for Glenfield to go "live" is 10th June.

P1 Up East Hills

P2 Up South Main

P3 Down South Main

P4 Down East Hills

Glenfield terminating services via Granville will use P3 an ...

Far more impressive is the person who cleans NR roofs with their distinctive chequered pattern.

[quote=wurx]tezza, that link won't show the pic unless one joins Facebook; something I shouldn't have to do just to see the pic.

Can you either rejig the link so the pic can be seen, or post it fro ...

[quote=Indefatigable]Started a new blog this weekend to record progress and ideas in building a new layout. Check it out here:

[url=http://]http://nswrinth ...

Posted 10 Feb 2014 21:35 in Sydney Suburban by sandown

[quote=Alfred3333]As mentioned before, K sets don't fit well onto all stops service (banko and inner west lines). Due to the characteristics of the lines, especially the Banko Line, sharp bends make K ...

All evidence points towards a swift repaint into VR Blue and Gold, in accordance with the YVR's chosen Era of Significance (50s/60s).

Wouldn't that necessitate the renum ...

It's not unusual to see SSR locos parked at the state mine awaiting their next job.

Suffering from the Tom Jones syndrome ?

Yep you bet!!

Educated guess, open floor.


[quote=exarmidale]Looking closely at bottom picture looks like the object is a "Star Picket" (steel post) often seen lineside supporting barricade tape or fencing.

Has there been any works in the a ...

Posted 13 Jan 2014 21:44 in Sydney Suburban by sandown

[quote=bernerd]^no. Sorry Raichase, I agree with most everything you say, but that statement is completely misleading. A Waratah is far better suited to the stop and start nature of Sector 2 due to it ...

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