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Summary of future level crossing removals:


- Station St, Officer = Closure

- Brunt Rd, Beaconsfield = Road Over rail

- Station St, Beaconsfield = Road Over rail

- Webb St, N ...

I think existing level crossings (not slated for removal) and signalling limitations are obstacles to adding extra train services for some lines without causing additional road congestion.

Would the current Burwood station on the Alamein Line be renamed?

Or would the future SRL Burwood station have a different name such as Deakin?

A youtuber named 'Melbourne Railway Videos' posted a passenger-view video of the Coburg-Moreland elevated rail s ...

LXRA has fast-tracked Glenhuntly and Neerim Rd level crossing removals to begin next year. The chosen method is Rail-Under-Road ...


Designs released for the Oakover to Muarry (Bell-Prest ...


Progress on the Bell-Moreland level crossing project. Around 50% of the concrete beams have been placed in ...

[quote=TrackRailroad][quote]The above discussion is going off-topic from the level crossing removal thread. Can you move the discussion elsewhere.

Currently the Bell to Moreland project is going w ...

Will the HCMTs be able to use the platform at Flinders Street that the Pakenham trains use or is it too short?
They may need to upgrade platforms 6 and 7 with DDA-compliant stan ...


Frankston Line reopening next Monday. Notice the new station signs with a colour ...

Cheltenham update.

Tracks at the UP end are in.

Platforms are in position.
From the new track configuration illustrated on vicsig, I deduc ...

[quote=John E]Bevans - John is referring to the eastern section of the suburban rail loop from Cheltenham to Box Hill and ultimately to the airport. Obviously the East and South eastern suburbs popula ...

[quote]So this is aim we are heading for the end of 2019.

36,37,38: Park, Charman and Mentone roads as part of the Cheltenham/Mentone project

39,40,41,42: Moreland , Reynald, Munro and Bell street ...

I hitched a ride on the new L2 LRV service, thankfully it did not break down. Here are my thoughts:

First impressions:

- LED destination displays on the front and sides of the tram are clear and ...

I predict those submissions include:

- Crown Casino / MCEC

- Melbourne University

- Royal Melbourne Hospital

- St Vincent's Plaza

- Casino/Southbank

- Arts Precinct

- AAMI Park

- Jolim ...

Posted 27 Oct 2019 16:16 in Trams and Light Rail by slowcoach

[quote=route14]Tram 1041: You mean E class will run out of Southbank to form route 58 services? With the Bourke and William Sts curve removed during the platform stop construction there will be a lot ...

[quote=True Believers][quote]3 month closure for Upfield Line to remove 4 level crossings with a concrete bridge in the latter half of 2020.[/quote]

And also on the news was the route 58 will have E ...

Posted 27 Oct 2019 14:22 in Trams and Light Rail by slowcoach

They'll need to build DDA-compliant platform stops at South Yarra Station, from Domain Interchange / Wells St to Queen Victoria Market, and from Royal Children's Hospital to West Coburg terminus to ma ...

3 month closure for Upfield Line to remove 4 level crossings with a concrete bridge in the latter half of 2020.

In the immediate, short-term future, it'll be best to aim for high frequency service rather than high speed using existing infrastructure. Though each would have variable costs and cause inevitable di ...

Posted 18 Jun 2019 17:36 in Melbourne suburban by slowcoach


- Macleod: 3

- Eltham: 6

- Hurstbridge: 5

- Broadmeadows: 3

- Craigieburn: 25

- Upfield: 4

- Epping: ~21

- Mernda: 8

- Victoria Park: 3

- ...

Posted 09 Jun 2019 13:17 in Melbourne suburban by slowcoach

Between Newport and Laverton along "The Straight" through former Paisley and Galvin stations.

Do anyone have intel on the preferred method of removing Manchester Rd, Mooroolbark and Maroondah Highway, Lilydale level crossings?


Looks like the government wants to get the ball rolling on the Wester ...

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