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Sometimes I wonder if Berg's actually wants to sell anything to anyone.

What device are you using, all ok on my iPad.



The Windows 8.1 app.

Got mine via my Zinio subscription. There reader claims that it can't display some pages, but they all appear to be there once you press page-turn a couple of times to get past the error.

Does anybody know if Auscision accept phone orders? I know they don't seem to do web orders, but posting an order in an stamped envelope like some sort of common beast is so last century.

So, because a Eureka 38 is a bit out of my range at the moment, I'm looking to do a basic restoration on a 35 year old Lima 38, because why not. One issue I do have that the siderods have developed a  ...$70? They're not that rare are they? You can buy a kit for 20 and have it built in an hour.I know, supply/demand/willing-buyers and all that.

Great stuff!

Perhaps if you think about it, Investing on the Stock exchange that is, Superannuation, is exactly the wrong way to go. People in Greece and Spain and other parts are losing millions because of that s ...

If you were to believe that lot in Canberra, who tell porkies by the truckload, we are <span style="text-decoration: underline;">NOT having a recession. But if you speak to all the small compani ...

Indeed. Much less grumpy and passive-aggressive. I'm surprised that the previous administration didn't separate out a core stock of spares and retail stock, and I'm not sure you can blame people for b ...

So I'm seeing decent Athearn and Atlas stuff appear on eBay, and am considering purchasing a couple for use as mechs. I cannot however remember if the wheelbase for the bogies is anything like local p ...

And there are FO's on eBay already. Sheesh.

Was an excellent day in reflectionI concur. Got a lot out of it - thanks to all the organisers.

Works for me-try again?Hrm, works for me at home now, but not at work. There's definitely some DNS issues there.

Seriously, the entire website has been removed; there's just the plesk welcome page there.

I have 2 Trainorama 44's and a 42. None have had any problems as discussed in this thread, and I am unaware of any one else I know having these troubles, so I suspect it is only a small percentage of  ...

Huh. Was getting excited about the cheap TrainO 44's on EBay, then I came across this thread. Frankly, I can't see myself buying any of the Chinese factory RtR stuff until I can be a bit more confiden ...

Most school children bring the harassment upon themselves. For example yesterday i was travelling to the city from carlton , it was a nice quiet trip UNTIL we stopped at KOGARAH !! The local school br ...

Posted 16 Jan 2008 17:48 in Sydney Suburban by snerd

... "most scariest"?

Saw an 8 car pair of H sets doing the outbound stop at Arncliffe today.

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