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come on people - wakey wakey!   lot,s of new steel bridges

miles of 107lb rail,lots of ballast, when does the first spark run to healesville eh!

Do you really think all the largesse isn't about futu ...

Q train was out and about last fri - normally lives at QLF.  Most vehicles are in the shed at LKS. QLF is the C&W and Q Train shop while LKS is the loco shop.  There is nothing around Mannerim - mores ...

[quote=EBRG16][quote]Yes, ASGs ran in WA - but the ASG at Bellarine is the one from just down the road at Fyansford. This particular loco has never been in WA, and as Sir Thomas Bent has pointed out, ...

VW5112 was purchased privately in 1979 and located to the Bellarine Railway as overnight accommodation for its owners who were very active at the time.  The level of activity of those persons has been ...

R.K "Bob" Whitehead. An infamous rail enthusiast/railway employee from years ago. He's either dead now, or in an infirmary for geriatrics.
Barrington Womble
see ...

Posted 06 Oct 2014 11:00 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by ssj

I'll pass on your compliments to him! He'll be happy to hear good feedback. Not only is he in charge of that, but he is the main guy in charge of the project.

It is S542 that ...

Is there any  truth in the story that SRHC has gone into administration/receivership due to unpaid El-Zorro debt

The Echuca "Blues Train' was about running a similar product out of Echuca. Basically in competition with the Queenscliff operation.Never about trains from E to Q (and return!!) The bands, the custome ...

Posted 14 Feb 2012 09:45 in Western Australia by ssj

It is somewhat improper to state that ""Queenscliffe" want it for free and for the owner to pass over ownership to them". The issue has been about "control" and not "ownership". You have given a most ...

mario is taking it to his used-trains lot.

A word of caution before anyone gets too many expectations. Pozierres has not yet received TSV accreditation and while it certainly will be out and about, dont count on trips to Drysdale etc.

Poz i ...

Sounds like what is wanted is a copy of the "doomsday book"

The original is held at the Aust Archives in Hobart and is available for sale on microfilm.

It shows full histories of most TGR stock  ...

Bad for you? - how so? - or should I be reading something into your name??.

Pix difficult, visits to shed easy.   PM me.

There is little question that the steam crane will be restored to running order by christmas - the only bit of information you missed hearing was that which christmas has not yet been decided!

The  ...

Posted 04 May 2011 21:21 in Railway Archaeology by ssj

Had you looked more carefully you might have noticed that all the dogspikes, baseplates, and fishplates are gone on the line itself.

It might just be happening already!

From “”Steam Railway” magazine No 376 – may/June 2010 page 36

“The other intended NBLPG  purchase , “24” 2-8-4 No 3647, has now passed into the  ...

Posted 30 Dec 2010 12:49 in Queensland by ssj

Perhaps this will help you understand why Beaudesert Rail came about.

Posted 29 Dec 2010 14:45 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by ssj

A No 1 - I don't understand your comment, but happy new year anyway!

Chriss - The BPR became BR as of March 2006. As you say, the official reason was the rebranding of the tourism region, but in th ...

Posted 27 Dec 2010 00:29 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by ssj

Bellarine Peninsular Railway - The Railway OF the Bellarine Peninsula???

Actually, the renaming occurred when GSPS found out that Beaudesert Rail had had the audacity to have BR branded into the se ...

Posted 24 Dec 2010 13:18 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by ssj

It has never been a peninsular railway - whatever that may mean Perhaps, within the FRA meaning of the expression it is "almost an insular railway".

BPR was the railway that is on the "Bellarine P ...

When, and only when, the Port Dock museum collection can do better than, will it be entitled to call itself "national"


Posted 14 Dec 2010 12:31 in Victoria by ssj


Posted 06 Dec 2010 08:53 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by ssj

Correct:- the boiler is in need of repair and is currently dismantled pending replacement of the barrel. While BR have proven themselves quite capable of rivetted boiler reconstruction, various option ...

Posted 13 Nov 2010 15:56 in Victoria by ssj

I seem to recall a bit of publicity in 1968 (and Dutton Bay may have had something to do with producing it!) when K164 ceased use at North Geelong.  IIRC VR publicised it as their last use of steam -  ...

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