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Track is still wonky because no tamp yet. Still needs flooding with ballast.

Hi Greg

Long time no see. I Great work you guys are doing. Today i saw the rtx1 working across Shepherd st bridge (country end of Livo station) Its the first time i have seen it in operation. One a ...

Posted 28 Apr 2008 11:13 in Model Railways - General Discussions by ssrkid

20 new containers for the collection

Love your work thumpa

Parramatta Rd bridge is being fixed on the easter weekend.

Posted 20 Nov 2007 21:06 in Sydney Suburban by ssrkid

Dont forget the water carts that a certain bloke whose name ends in ski had.

Is there anyone in trackwork who's name doesn't end in ski?

Westfeilds Sydenham would mean a rebuild of the station?

I saw some today passing cabramatta on the front of a cement train.

Wouldn't your employer be able to tell you where you can recieve discounts?

My employers' HR section points me in the direction & I don't have to get into an open forum to ask a question that could ...

Im just wondering if anyone knows of retail outlets where Railcorp employees get discounts.

The other day i was in Rays outdoors (still in uniform) and they gave me a discount.

Seems to be alot of action at Erko on the weekend. Spewing i won't be there but i think one of our other gangs is. Our gang is at Dulwich Hill i think. But yet to confirm.

Where you working on the weekend Greg?

Yeah they have like a steal chair under the underframe. Im pretty sure there is 2 chairs on each side, i'd guess 1 bloke drops the biscuits and the other drops the clips.

I assume it can only work  ...

Ahh cool, I just noticed the seats under the vans the other day, they must not use them anymore.

Posted 13 Nov 2007 20:23 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by ssrkid

Today saw a rake of what looked to be brand new or close to new cqby's travelling north through Cabramatta on a QR national train. all in cfcla blue and empty.

Anyone have any info on these?

Posted 13 Nov 2007 20:13 in New South Wales by ssrkid

S&D yeah mate thats the walkway across for us and anyone on a failed train.

And the locals who live at Cogra Bay, who walk across the bridge to get home when the tide is out........

Must be a fun job sitting under those vans dropping the clips ect

Posted 13 Nov 2007 19:31 in New South Wales by ssrkid

Top photo's Greg, I saw you guys up there sunday arvo when i was coming back to Sydney on the F3.

Where you working for railways or contractors?

Like your first photo. Beats using the cobra's.

Posted 29 Sep 2007 07:23 in Model Railways - General Discussions by ssrkid

Still waiting to get a heap of NYK Logistics containers.



Ive been wanting nyk logistic containers (the blue one) for a while. I know they are around but i think walthers made the ...

It will be around a year untill trains are running.

About half an hour up river from Brooklyn.

I remember from a young age going in my fathers boat to Brooklyn to catch the train to the city. It would only happen a couple of times a year. Thats proberbly why i like trains. The whole build up of ...

How much do the umbrella's go for?

Never knew there where train gunzels on the Northern Beaches. Always thought they just took photo's of buses and ferrys, interesting.

Raichase, your bloody keen going to the places you do to gunzel ...

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