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The new website seems just as bad as the old one.  Not sure why you would go live with a half-baked site like that?

Posted 02 Jul 2020 09:11 in Victoria by steamfreak

[quote=amo64][quote]OT slightly what about the line from Barnes to the west to Wakool which also has several 100,000's of tonnes of grain?[/quote]Well the rail inspection had better be undertaken by a ...

[quote=changer]You might find a few here [url=]

Regards R ...

Posted 22 Jun 2020 13:20 in Victoria by steamfreak

[quote=gippslander][quote][url=]After loading at Underbool 8171-BL27-8133 have just departed Maroona at 14.43 to tip at Portland. http ...

[quote=The Vinelander][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote]I do believe this line is going to be needed for the MBRP sooner than later.[/quote]Agree! If this ever gets up, it needs to be rebuild in DG t ...

Hi all,

I'm wanting to build a VR 20,000 gal tank as per the one at Mansfield/Healesville/Bright/Mitiamo/Korong Vale/etc.  I see that AMRM No. 89 March 1978 has an article "Water Tanks of the VR" - d ...

Will check what artwork as may have them already drawn up if not we can make them
Thanks - sounds good.  I'm working in HO scale.





I sent ...

Will check what artwork as may have them already drawn up if not we can make them
Thanks - sounds good.  I'm working in HO scale.



[quote=ngarner]Have you had a look at Peter Vincent's Website? He had lots of information supported by some photos. He has a contact email which may get you more info as he is apparently very generous ...

Red steel S cars or wooden body cars and what car codes would help greatly
Thanks.  Currently I have some ABC cars (specifically 1 and 2 ABC) and some AV and BV cars tha ...

Hi all,

I'm looking for some examples of the lettering that VR used on the red passenger cars for the various signs, e.g. SMOKING, NO SMOKING, FIRST, SECOND, GUARD etc. and the car class/number.  I h ...

Posted 20 May 2020 16:20 in General by steamfreak

[quote=GoldenGirl][quote]The Train with Burt Lancaster.[/quote]What was the name of that earlier movie (I think with Ernest Borgnine) shot during the depression era with that fabulous shot of the trai ...

[quote=a6et][quote]To be added to the newsletter mail list just send a request to their contact address: [][/email]

38 rerun is noted as most parts ...

24 years, just waiting for a chance...  Here's some footage of the Y112 Welcome Back trip, with R707 coming up from Melbourne to meet the Y at Ballarat, then double-heading to Maryborough.  Here the Y ...

And some more shots, deep in enemy territory:

Nice video!  Some more shots from Wodonga to Seymour:

I see the Garratt is all but finished, with line trials taking place already.  It's good to see it is in fairly original SAR appearance!

This fantastic photo from Matt Oaten was on Facebook recentl ...

Posted 08 Nov 2019 12:16 in Victoria by steamfreak

[quote=BigShunter]Well well well, Dangerousdan007, how do you explain this !!! Keep your eyes peeled at 6:38. Just because it's a standard gauge gauge train, I don't think there's any need for sabota ...

Some nice early morning shots of R711.  My camera struggled with the low light in some shots, so apologies for that.  Oh, and I did like the early morning silhouettes - might have overdone them a litt ...

5917 wasn't feeling too well, and was led by 42103 up to Parkes.



[url=]htt ...

A few shots of the Cruise Express charter running from Gouburn to Junee earlier this year.


Nice video!  I missed the 2002 SSS, but the 2003 version was also great!  Got some nice video.

Posted 13 Sep 2019 12:57 in Victoria by steamfreak

"V/Line will continue to work to increase the track speeds to a minimum of 40kmh where it is safe to do so in the coming months.
Stockland Article

Gawd...  While the trucks speed by at ...
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