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[quote=YM-Mundrabilla]Thanks Steamfreak711 for posting the info and the pics.

Unfortunate about the need for the 'blow ups' but good to see the will to have a go and also the alternative working ul ...

We enjoyed a lovely evening last Saturday, with the Nick Anchen-organised Climax trip from Emerald to Gembrook and return.  The cold, wet and windy morning gave way to scattered cloud right about the  ...

I filmed this video quite a few years ago when we were training our firelighters in the correct procedures to light up a steam loco from scratch.  We had quite a detailed printed manual as well, and e ...

Thanks for posting those; a very nice selection indeed.
Thanks Valvegear - Here's a bit of video as well...

We went for a look at R761 en route to Echuca as I'd never actually seen a train on the Toolamba - Echuca line.  The R looked great roaring up to Heathcote Junction, then we caught it at a number of p ...

[quote=Greensleeves]My version of events:



[/quote]Superb shots - I particularly like the Taradal ...

Steamfreak, fabulous filming sir, thinking outside of the box shots. You are the Bevan Wall of Victoria. Well done
I take that as the highest praise - thank you!

And just to make it even harder, there's no shovelling plate on the R - the fireman has to lift from floor level.
Well an exceptional effort from the crews then!  I have I have ...

Some more shots, from Sunday arrival into Echuca, then Echuca to Bendigo on the Monday

A few shots from the Saturday running in the Kerang and Swan Hill area.

I found some more Bulldog-on-Grain-Train footage in my video cupboard.  This time it's S303 leading T341 T320 T357 T378 X31, all in classic VR Blue and Gold hauling a heavy grain load from Charlton to ...

Posted 16 May 2016 21:41 in Victoria by steamfreak711

Hi all,

Just going through some video over the weekend, and came across some shots of GM36, TL154, TL155 and T385 running an ELZ grain train to/from Oaklands.  This is almost 5 years ago exactly.  I  ...

Posted 02 Apr 2016 16:46 in Victoria by steamfreak711

All the gradient diagrams are available online here:

[quote=Bevan Wall][quote][quote][quote]One of my favourite photos from the Grey Nurse days... At The Rock, NSW[/quote]Top shot, absolutely spectacular!

BW[/quote]Thanks Bevan. I took some video tha ...

One of my favourite photos from the Grey Nurse days...  At The Rock, NSW
Top shot, absolutely spectacular!

Bevan Wall
Thanks Bevan.  I took some video that day as well, ...

One of my favourite photos from the Grey Nurse days...  At The Rock, NSW

Thanks for your kind comments.  It was a bit hard to avoid crowd chatter at times, but a bit more effort on choosing the spots can help a bit!  Re music - I prefer to let the locos talk!  Cheers.  TS.

Posted 22 Dec 2015 11:06 in Victoria by steamfreak711

I used to live quite close to RMSP 79 on the old Cudgewa line between Ebden and Huon.  Anecdotal verbal evidence from locals reveals that a small wooden platform once existed there, and that local far ...

[quote=x31]Hi [url=/user/593][b]@steamfreak711[/b] have you noticed any development at the new SCT terminal?[/quote]Not as yet. I might take a drive past this afternoon and have a look... On a diff ...

[quote=dthead]While we motorcaded the C class trip back ont he 21st November, we took a look at the coal sidings and Wodonga.

The coal sidings are abandoned, no rail, all gone, just weeds, and old b ...

Some video from me:

6th June: Junee - Wagga & Shuttles


7th June: Junee & Wagga Shuttles


Posted 26 Apr 2015 19:48 in New South Wales by steamfreak711

Just drove past again this afternoon.  The earthworks are progressing, quite a big job on the east side of the line, given the amount of dirt that has been moved so far.  Some pics below of the works  ...

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