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I believe the Tarneit West station is supposed to be located at Davis Road.

I can only think of some out west that I remember. Paisley and Galvin in Altona. Not sure where those names came from.
I'm not sure about Paisley, but Glavin is named after Michael G ...

I don't exactly know where the name origins of Paisley and Galvin are from, although the former seems to be the name of a Scottish town.

I counted Princes Bridge and Flinders Street as separate sta ...

[quote=route14]There was a news article focusing on the reopening of the Mernda line, which mentioned that Hawkestowe used to be RMSP 9 when it was the Whittlesea line. It's location must have change ...

Hi everyone,

I started doing some research out of boredom. It was to find out where the name of every station in Melbourne comes from. This includes finding out where the names of certain suburbs c ...

Posted 31 Jul 2020 13:35 in Victoria by stooge spark

[quote=TOQ-1][quote][quote][quote]Is the plan to extend MYKI to the 3 new stations?[/quote]They would be mad if they didn't extend it to Huntly...[/quote]

My fascination is it would be easier for tho ...


Anyway, you'll never make the foamy gunzels on this board see sense - they just want trains for the sake of it no matter how expensive they are. Personally I think if Chairman Dan and ...

Posted 26 Jun 2020 13:13 in The Lounge by stooge spark

Did anyone see that cu*t in Broady on 7news last night?

We are never getting rid of this stupid virus cause of him and others that share his outlook.

Posted 17 Jun 2020 20:50 in The Lounge by stooge spark

Dan Andrews responded to the SA keeping the border with Victoria closed by basically saying 'why the hell would you ever want to go to Adelaide?'

As a supporter of him, this comes across as a salty ...

You'd be pretty surprised John.

[quote=justarider][quote]Lots of proper dining in Town Square and even the cinema area is good now. Not sure how it's relevant to Rowville line extension? Anyway: Chadstone would probably like a train ...

Almost 16 years!

Some of the users on the threads on this thread haven't been active in almost a decade!

FFS, how hard is it to read the dates?

Then again, I don't expect much  ...

Is there any info on how the Box Hill to Doncaster section is gonna be dealt with?

Posted 07 Jun 2020 10:08 in The Lounge by stooge spark

Isn't "Black Lives Matter" racist? All lives matter.
When people say Black Lives Matter, they're not saying that only Black Lives Matter, I'm not sure how you think the term B ...

Posted 02 Jun 2020 13:15 in Victoria by stooge spark

There really should be a function that auto locks old threads, so stuff like this doesn't happen...

Sydney should really get over it's hatred of changing trains.

I reckon it's cause there's a high rise right next to the station that will probably need to be demolished before Fairfield Station gets rebuilt.

Well that, or Bevans really likes FIDO.

Diamond Creek gets a train 40 minutes, yet from my experiences passing through the station it looks like it's enough to cause a decent amount of congestion.

Still, there are higher priorities on th ...

What ever happened to these 3 stations? Wasn't Huntly supposed to be up and running by next year?

Yeah I was wondering what was happening with this project. I haven't seen any activity at Greensborough (then again, the only times I've been to Greensy in the past few months have been done after dus ...

Moonee Ponds is OK, biggest gripe is that Platform 2 is very narrow, it's very hard to walk around people on that platform.

I assume for Moonee Ponds that the toilets might get an upgrade, and ther ...

Are they making another Trainline Tramp?

I don't see how the limit could be enforceable on trains, what have them having lots of way to get onto it and all.

Then again, I'm a disgusting Victorian so what do I know.

stooge spark; what have you started????Very Happy
I'm hoping a very rational discussion.

[quote=Adogs][quote]Gee all this talk about Upfield, grades, Park St and Royal Park... feels like we're sleepwalking into a Myrtone.

Nothing to see here, move along.[/quote]

Not Myrtone territory ...

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