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Seems like a threat from Alstom to me - "buy our trains or we will close".

The 2.0 upgrade does however sound good, although about 150 3 car sets too late, problems/inadequatness was known in the 1.0 ...

No, it is a completely new and very large workshop & storage building. The only 'extension' is a continuation of 3 roads in the original depot to access the new building.

The drawings and plans are p ...

Something was going on in Maldon today (no signs anywhere saying what). The main road was closed and filled with hundreds of motorbikes, as well as the area and roads to/from Maldon having dozens of m ...

Went throgh Maldon on Saturday and noticed T333 in the yard. Good to see it back, hope it got its wheels done so it can be used (didn't stop to see).


And no news yet on the re-run of the Austrains Neo Victorian T & Y class locos.  Due to be released this year, of which there are 9 days left of.

Bring on an XR loco! The third series X already done by Austrains. XR is only larger size Vic loco not done. They could do the F class diesel and E class electric shunters however. That's pretty much  ...

Posted 04 Sep 2018 23:21 in Victoria by themetptc

I did hear the other day on local radio news that Jacinta Allan said that there will be no passenger trains between Ballarat and Geelong as the line is being converted to Standard Gauge and that Stand ...

[quote=BrentonGolding]Getting away from fantasy NR Overland diversions via Maldon and back to VGR matters, another update to the VGR Mechanical blog this week shows more work on Y133.

https://vgrme ...

Anyone else got theirs?, only seems 2 people have so far.  I am still waiting for mine, so looking forward to them, they look great.

Posted 04 Nov 2017 13:32 in Victoria by themetptc

Why are Victorian operators or track providers obsessed with 80kph speed limit for freight trains rather than 100kph?

This is a great opportunity to achieve that as well.

23TAL and 100kph should be ...

[quote=kingfisher]I thought that Flattop made the situation perfectly clear in his comment of 19 August when he said [i]"They are airfreighting 100 of each number , the rest will follow by sea a few w ...

Thanks for that info comtrain, I (and probably others) had no idea Trainorama was a one man operation. Knowing that, it is a remarkable and wonderful effort and achievement for him to do what he has d ...

Well done to Trainorama for producing extra S class locos and different liveries & numbers. I have seen the first run locos and they were great, so look forward to seeing the second run.  Now that Tra ...

Thanks a6et, most helpful for that Trainorama facebook update, I checked it out.

It is the WCR locos I am interested in, and this is the first bit of info about them. was more a c ...

'Flatop' (August 19) says they are only available from Caulfield and not at the shop, from what he was told to say (who by ?). So it would seem, specially as there is no mention at all on Trainoramas  ...

So, if the latest batch of S class locos is only available at Caulfield, how does one purchase one of these if they are not going/unable to go to Caulfield?


Posted 11 Aug 2017 22:56 in Victoria by themetptc

Last night (the 10th) there were 3 freight trains going past Ballarat North. Not bad for a line that closed to freight trains on the 8th for SG works.

I would think that Geelong to Ballarat would be a viable service. A lot of people live and work and therefore commute between the two cities. One only has to travel by car between the two to see how b ...

Posted 12 Jul 2017 21:56 in Victoria by themetptc

[quote=bevans][quote]"Simply spark the Geelong line"

I recall it took years and years to spark Newport-Weribee.

I suspect that was due to penny pinching rather than any engineering issues.[/quot ...

I wouldn't call the new (latest) livery on V/line trains 'V/line Mkiv'. It is a PTV livery, virtually nothing to do with V/line, other than using the purple that V/line started.


Received my S cars today. Very good, nicely detailed. Well done Powerline for a great carriage model. Just need to compliment the good work done with the S cars with some Z cars now....please!


The crossing would be a rather easy one to grade separate, by dipping the tramway and walking trail under Elliott Av

The tram super stop would need to be rebuilt.


Actually i ...

Posted 20 Feb 2017 13:47 in Victoria by themetptc

Have been hearing a lot of Sprinters around the Ballarat area the past month or so, mainly at night.  Is this driver training, maintenance testing, a sign they will be used again during the big rail r ...

Posted 19 Aug 2016 17:25 in Trams and Light Rail by themetptc

And now it is Bendigo Tramways turn for some track renewal.  Three curves this weekend.

The log wagons are now next to the scrapping area waiting to be scrapped no doubt.  Also there waiting to be scrapped are 2 Ys and 2 low nose Ts, all looking rather poorly with smashed windows etc.

S ...

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