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So do they effect their own maintenance on MA 1862?I am sure that the PTA have seen to the matter of MA1862's repair and maintenance with a suitable entity.

as i remember UGR maintains the MA loco

Was just reading an article on wikipedia about the NSTS plans and it stated that the A series railcars for the original NSR operation were to be leased. Is this true or do they (the PTA) own the fleet ...

lets torture them for the torture that they have done to the rail network.

the soon to be fleet of 46 B series EMU railcar sets will be adeqate for all operations on the Joondalup and Mandurah Lines. Along will being able to provide training and special events capabilities ( ...

special events trains from perth to West leederville for NSR and NSR passengers.

6 B series EMUs required

3-4 in service for events 1 in maitience and 1 as backup

The Joondalup Line would follow simular principle requireing 12 B series EMUs.

Waiting time would also be 6min.

Service types that would be operated during peak hour

Perth to Whitfords

stops ...

For Mandurah line services the following service patterns would be required. the line would be split into three zones - inner (cockburn), central (Rockingham), outer (Mandurah).

service 1: Perth to ...

Posted 15 Jan 2008 22:26 in Western Australia by warailways

for a train line to go to the airport it will need to get state, federal and buisness approval. Also the entire airport infustructure will need to be redesigned. airport trainstations need to be part  ...

expect to see another 1 - 8 stations being added in the future

there was always a shortage even prior to the Mandurah line opening

Posted 15 Jan 2008 20:00 in Western Australia by warailways

So how much did the ARHS have to pay for A1501 or did they get it for free. When will it be fixed up?

Glad to see that this legendarry loco is now in preserationist hands

yeah what is it.

These people should be sent two to jail instead of cleaning their disgraceful mess up.

Report these criminals to 1800 333 000

So our rail network can remain clean and not vandalised

Welcome to the Perth Train Line Capacities Thread

Joondalup Line currently has 25,550 passengers each working day and in 2009 it will have about 32,270 passengers each working day.

Fremantle Lin ...

Any pics

4 car A series have been used on Clarkson to Mandurah (obserbed on second day of operation) as well as the W Pattern services.

Posted 01 Jan 2008 21:16 in Western Australia by warailways

The process which was used is exactly the same stuff they put on the buses. You can see through the windows on the BLUE bs EMU

to go into the depot they have to go into the station, get permission from control, turn around to then do a shunt to get into the depot.

As Tomohawk said it has a layout like claisebrook but it la ...

Tonight there were 30 Aboriginals Kicking signs poles, ready to throw rocks at trains and acting stupidly at Maddington Station

A Set 16 with 18

AEA216 Displayed ARMADALE C BEA318 Displayed FREMAN ...

So is the track going to be 130km/h Track or the same speed as the existing track. Plus it has been mentioned in the local papers in the Joondalup are that the Joondalup Arena Station will not be buil ...

Posted 21 Dec 2007 22:31 in Western Australia by warailways

Could run as a single set. Remember when they gave those tickets away to the public. 250 tickets were given on the inaugual service. One B set has 280 Seats and can have another 280 people standing. T ...

It should be a good program. Good to see STW 9 Perth Making it.

It looks like this service will be provided by set 79 only just by looking at the number of seats which they are giving away. 1x B Series EMU seats 280 passengers

Noted that the pantos on the set obserbed in the photo were down. Was once set only activated?

They always have. But it depends

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