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I believe the other event will be better with the SG railcar to Yarrawonga!

Posted 16 May 2019 16:21 in Melbourne suburban by x31

[url=] suggests the metro ...

Posted 16 May 2019 09:25 in Gheringhap Loop by x31

Thanks for letting us know as your contributions here are most valuable and widely appreciated.  Do you have access to a mobile service or mobile data as a backup?

Posted 16 May 2019 09:22 in The Lounge by x31

[font=helvetica]Last night Kathy Sherriff and Peter Faris QC visited Victoria Police to hand over new material for the Shorten rape investigation.[/font]

[font=helvetica]"The police told me (in Aug ...

Victoria complains about not getting handouts for public transport and complains about how little it gets when it goes get money from Canberra.  I cannot find any announcements other than this one reg ...

Rule 1 - if live cables are touching the carriage, stay inside it. Don't get out and touch anything.

Would the overhead after snapping have been energised or would the power  ...

How long will it be before the next one breaks down and takes months to fix?

What are you thoughts on the other questions?

Despite being very dangerous this is a serious failure of the network overhead causing damage to windows on the rolling stock and forcing passengers to wait hours for help.  Some passengers actually  ...

Posted 15 May 2019 17:55 in The Lounge by x31


That council has driven rail out of the city and now they are calling for passenger rail to return?

When was the old station disconnected from the network?

Does the bridge from the line over the ...

It doesn't directly but you would not have the benefit of shared maintenance and depot facilities which are available on a connected network.  Heavy rail is really the only answer out there as the tra ...

West Coast Rail was a system run  by ex Railway people and was a good example of privatisation.  It was the only example in Victoria.  V/Line arguably performs better than Metro Trains in Victoria and ...

I feel a little sad with this outcome.

My comments in the other thread relate to the need for a business case for this project.  Do we really need one considering it will be publically owned and managed and the business plan for the loop w ...

Let's take the discussion over to the other thread.


Mods can you please lock?

Do we really need a business case for this project?

It is clear to just about everyone (and why business case public transport) Melbourne is growing at a great rate more than any other city in Aust ...

Posted 15 May 2019 09:49 in South Australia by x31

Just a fantastic story really a real celebrity and they should make a movie out of this one.

[quote=Spletsie]Test your knowledge of railway and tramway history in Victoria with this 20 question multiple choice quiz:

[url=]https://www.railtram. ...

According to the news system there is a problem with the trains themselves.

[url=]https://www.railpa ...

How lucky is this cat falling asleep presumable on VFR and waking up in the air still alive!

I bet he gave a few people a scare but if VFR then would not have required clearance from ATC?

I genuinely believe Albo sees the high speed rail project as his "marquee" project which he will obviously personally oversee for at least 1 term should the ALP be successful tomorrow week.  if this i ...

Found this list of Narrow gauge Steamers from CR.


What class would the locos have been at tha ...

great question what steam locos would have been used back then in 1918?

Maybe the steam locos being used on the construction by COMRAILS where then allocated to freight and passenger?  I know from  ...

Posted 10 May 2019 12:31 in Melbourne suburban by x31

Odd the design of the new station did not have the current utility tunnels from back in the spencer street station build available for this piping.  Why would they have used a walkway designed for pas ...

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