Driving other trains

  nickeax Chief Commissioner

Location: Australia
How do you drive the trains you want? I've just got UTC and have read all the instructions and stuff and it's not anywhere. All I can do is a couple of preset runs with trains I don't like! I want to use my raildriver with some oz trains.

Can anyone give me a hint?

Thanks in advance,


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  railrattler Assistant Commissioner

Location: South Australia
From the main Trainz menu go into Driver, and down the bottom of the screen click on the word 'Consist'.

A list of rollingstock appears on the right, and double click on any rollingstock you want to operate. This will place the loco into a small bar down the bottom of the screen.

Then click on the word 'map' down the bottom of the screen, select the map from the list on the right, and click on any of the red triangles on the map (these are starter points). Once happy with this, click the green button to get underway.

With Raildriver installed, it should be all the same still, just go about the above process using your mouse.
  nickeax Chief Commissioner

Location: Australia
Thank you very much, railrattler!

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