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Okay guys. Time for us to share our favourite links.  Shocked

The rules:
2. Nothing that you know to contain spyware, overuse of pop-ups, or other nasties.
3. If you're posting something that might not be  work safe (ie. you wouldn't want your boss to know you're surfing the web) such as sites with flashing lights,  loud noises, or forced music, post a warning under the link.
4. If you're posting something that contains coarse language or other stuff (use your common sense), post a warning.
5.  Post religious and political material if you must, but this is supposed to be fun.
6. Bear in mind you're linking from Railpage, so respect our hosts here when considering your links, and use your head.

Now then, off we go:

This is one of my favourite sites.  It contains coarse language, and is potentially offensive to every group out there (especially hippies).  It is NOT meant to be taken seriously, so don't go there if you're a tighta*se.

Home of Cecil Adams, the World's Smartest Human Being.  If, for example, you want to know where all the baby pigeons are, you go here.  It's also got a kicka*se message board.  This site can be addictive (yours truly has close to 4000 posts there).  Occasional coarse language on the message board (main site okay).
Mad Glaswegian bastard: this means two things. 1) it contains liberal use of four letter words, and 2) it's extremely funny.  Coarse language,  forced music on the home page, and lots of  sounds on the other pages.  The guy is a top notch web designer, and the site is very interactive.

Trying to think of a site I go to that DOESN'T have coarse language.....     Very Happy   Aaahhhh, got one, I think....
This is the famous urban legend reference site. If  you've ever been caught out telling somebody an "a friend of a friend"  story involving Eddie Murphy in an elevator, or somesuch, this site is for you.

That'll do yer for now.


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  Torykins Chillaxis of Evil

Location: Scum Albans

Always good for a laugh Very Happy

Great Flash cartoons, random and pointless yet funny Smile
  ShaunDXB Chief Commissioner

Location: Southern Crustacean

If any of you are Halo fans, this site is a MUST!

They create videos using the characters from Halo using their own voice overs. Highly funny stuff! (Warning: Some videos may contain coarse language)
  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
  B 67 Chief Commissioner

Location: Central Gippsland
This one usually gets some laughs...
Will take a few minutes to load if you're on dial-up (like me).

Yes & No - A dyseducational road movie.
  mjja Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Mount Waverley, Melbourne

I like reading about stupid people, it makes me feel less inadequate when I talk to people who can tell a PCI from an ISA slot in a computer.
  DavidB Moderator

Location: Canberra
  mjja Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Mount Waverley, Melbourne
[Clicks] Hey that's a really neat site! How did you happen to come across it?
  B 67 Chief Commissioner

Location: Central Gippsland
I thought about including that site too. But I didn't think anyone here would be into that sort of thing.  Rolling Eyes
  Railfan9949 Chief Commissioner

Location: Somewhere between Gembrook to Healesville to Seymour to Maldon  Rock 'N Roll!  Rock 'N Roll!Rock 'N Roll!
  TA3015 Chief Commissioner

Location: Anywhere Nathan Van Berlo is!!

Be careful, coarse language n stuff.
  S 301 Chief Commissioner

Location: in front of the computer
this has no coars language that I can remember but it may have some so be warned I just can't remember
  joffie Chief Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
  Maikha Moderator Not a gunzel


Maikha "V" Ly
  Australind Minister for Railways

Location: Perth, Western Australia  Very Happy
  Maikha Moderator Not a gunzel  Very Happy

Have you bothered to see DavidB's post up there?  Rolling Eyes

Maikha "V" Ly
  PalmerEldritch Say goodnight to the bad guy

Location: Princes Park, Carlton

Warning: contains references to violence, and also contains spoilers.
  TheLoadedDog The Ghost of George Stephenson

I linked to the Straight Dope in my OP, but special mention needs to be made of, and a direct link made to THIS THREAD from their message board.  It'sabsofreakinglutely hilarious. Real "get Pepsi up your nose" stuff, it is.  COARSE LANGUAGE - NOT WORK SAFE.
  Aaron The Ghost of George Stephenson

Location: University of Adelaide SA
Those with a vague knowledge of programming might find this funnier than those without such knowledge
  John of Melbourne The Ghost of George Stephenson

Location: Melbourne suburbs
Those with a vague knowledge of programming might find this funnier than those without such knowledge

Goodness!  I thought that it was a joke, but it's real!

(Although that doesn't deny that it's also a joke.)
  TheLoadedDog The Ghost of George Stephenson


Uncyclopedia is an encyclopedia full of misinformation and utter lies. It's sort of like Congress. Unlike Congress, however, we do have a sense of humor. Nonetheless, this one of the only factual pages, before everything turns into a puddle of utter confusion and disarray. Savor it. And for the love of Sophia, we know you like disarray, but stop adding confusion to this page to spite the disclaimer.

Maybe we should add some rail content?
  TheLoadedDog The Ghost of George Stephenson

I wonder if Supa Cheap Auto has one of THESE?  Absolutely brilliant.

Warning for workplace surfers:  CONTAINS SOUND.
  TheLoadedDog The Ghost of George Stephenson

A quick stoopid one:
Laughing cat

(Contains sound. Site will attempt pop-ups, but as a smart gunzel you'll be using Firefox, so will care not)

I tried to embed this directly into a post in the test forum, but those killjoy dev types have disabled all the fun scripty stuff....   8)
  Flagstaff Red Afro

Location: Eaglemont, Hursty line, Melbourne.
  simont141 Chief Commissioner

Location: Adelaide, and also (and the links it contains to other sites).

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