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All, This is the same post James (VRFAN) made in the MSTS General Discussion forum, which we all should take heed of in this forum as well.
David Head - Mod


While some non-MSTS discussion relating to the thread are acceptable, this forum is moderated to ensure that it does not get out of control.

The following rules apply to all MSTS forums.

1. Flaming, trolling, swearing and general abuse are not acceptable.

2. Excessive amounts of "Will someone please make " posts will not be tolerated and will be deleted by moderators.

3. Do not harrass other users by sending them excessive amounts of personal messages.

4. Do not post messages asking for updates on models. Designers are becoming very annoyed with some of the users on these forums and excessive numbers of these posts will be deleted ASAP.

5. There are users in these forums who have criticised such things as author restrictions on 3rd party repaints or non-3D cabs. Freeware models are obviously FREE and are provided for your enjoyment. If you have a problem with one, then go and make it yourself. Any post containing non-constructive criticism of a freeware model will be deleted immediately.

5. Any MSTS vs Trainz threads will be locked and/or deleted immediately. These threads contribute nothing to the discussion and usually end up as fanboy flamewars.

6. Do not post an excessive amount of smilies in a single post. Several smilies are ok (eg: 1 - 3), but any more than this get very annoying.

7. Please contact the moderator before posting stickies or announcements. This is to avoid having too many of these at the top of the page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to send a private message to the moderators.

James Brook

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