Rail items I am doing for doing for TTD

  TBP Minister for Railways

Location: Singleton
I am doing the following for TTD.

Australia Steam,
Z27, based on 2705 as preserved
C30 tank
looking at doing the SMR 10 class.
QLD Railways AC16 Baldwin.

NSW 442/JL class.

LNER K4 2-6-0 Mogul.

That's all so far.

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  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
Note: "Mogle" should be "Mogul" Smile

Nice, looking foward to the K4
  TBP Minister for Railways

Location: Singleton
Well here are the NSW 442 & JL class locomotives all have been copied from full protoype numbers, from top to bottom.

Tuscan, modeled on 44211 preserved at NSWRTM
Silverton, modeled on 442s5
Green, modeled on JL 402
Freight Rail blue, modeled on 44240
SRA candy, modeled on 44212

These are not being released Ausset, but these will up for downloading soon. I am still do do some more shading, and after that, if all goes well, you will be able to operate jumbos on you copy of TTD.
  broken_arrow Chief Train Controller

Location: Between Flagstaff and Melb Central
Can you get Spark EMU's (say a Hitachi for example) anywhere.

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