Tuggeranong Station?

  Somebody in the WWW Banned

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I found this on NSWRail.net, alledgedly at 'Tuggeranong':

( http://www.nswrail.net/lines/bombala/tuggeranong.html )

What was this former station used for? Did it ever have a passenger platform? Where exactly is it in Canberra geograhical terms? Is it somewhere around Hume, or is it somewhere around Gilmore or one of those Tuggy district suburbs near the Canberra-Cooma line?

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  Riccardo Minister for Railways

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I think you will find this is the original Tuggers

And remember, the ACT was founded in 1911, the railway was there well before that.
  xplorer2501 Chief Commissioner

Location: Tuggeranong, ACT
Ahh yes, Tuggeranong Station. On the Canberra-Cooma line, and is found just outside of The Old Tuggeranong Road Pine Forest. Is only a freight platform for loading livstock, not and never has been used for passengers IIRC. Only about 5k from me and is a good walk up there to see the CPH or 1210 steaming past through the cutting just before the station. It is in the Southern Valley of Canberra called Tuggeranong Valley. It is Just up past Richardson access off Monaro Hwy and a walk up through the pine forest will get you there.
  Duffy Chief Commissioner

Location: ACT
Some very active Neo-Nazi's in Tuggers.  Seems no matter how often the society paints over the Swastikas up there, there always seems to be a new one next time.
  Zen Dave Junior Train Controller

Location: Canberra - Q2
"Station Names - Dates of Opening, Closing and/or Change of Name" has Tuggeranong opened 1887-12-08 and closed 1975-03-09.

I'm suspicious of the opening date, as that's the date the line opened from Queanbeyan to Michelago.  Michelago received the next station number for that line (as did every other station except one to Bombala, if it opened with the line), but Tuggeranong and Rob Roy/Royalla didn't!

Queanbeyan - Michelago opened 1887-12-08
40G Queanbeyan
40GA Tuggeranong (opened with the line)
40GGG Rob Roy (opened with the line, renamed Royalla 1905-10)
40GB Williamsdale (opened 1891-08-29)
40H Michelago
line opened to Cooma 1889-05-31
40I Colinton
40J Bredbo
??? Billilingra (opened 1894-10-18)
40K Umeralla (renamed Chakola 1921-04-01)
40L Bunyan
40M Cooma
line opened to Nimmitabel 1912-04-20
40P Rock Flat (out of order because ???)
40N Coonerang
40NQ Dalkeith and Baker's Siding (opened 1920-08-27, renamed Bobingah 1921-08-22)
40Q Nimmitybel (renamed Nimmitabel 1912-10-27)
line opened to Bombala 1921-11-21
40QQ Maclaughlin Siding (opened 1939-05-02)
40R Holt's Flat
40S Jincumbilly
40T Bukalong
40U Bombala

No 40O.  Other lines used the "O" suffix.
  Somebody in the WWW Banned

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Would it be safe to be walking along Old Tuggy Rd through the Pine Forest from the Monaro Hwy on a weekend? Would i be likely to encounter anyone there?
  Duffy Chief Commissioner

Location: ACT
I don't see why not.  We see people along there fairly often when we run.  Just watch out for the ARHS ACT track workers.........They'll try to convince you to stay and do a little bit of resleepering work! Laughing
  run2000 Station Staff

Location: Canberra, Australia
We'd certainly try. We're doing a fair bit of track work in that area over the next few weeks. Fridays and Saturdays for the curious.
  nswtd Station Master

There exists a couple of photos - one was published in a recent FCE (Federal City Express - the ARHS ACT magazine). I believe that there were some more substantial structures around Tuggeranong siding.

Also of interest is the site of Letchworth station - there was also a photo in a recent FCE.

I am working on tracking down photos of Letchworth, Tuggeranong, Royalla and Williamsdale to illustrate some information on the MTR for people.

There is a lot of trackwork going on in that area - voulnteers always welcome!
  Auxodium Chief Commissioner

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i would like to see Canberra get heavy rail passenger trains some day, i mean if Perth can start to change its wicked ways then surely Canberra can! Smile
  brett2 Beginner

Been up there a couple of weeks ago, heaps of people walking dogs and mountain bike riding. Also seen a few brown snakes up there.
  nswtd Station Master

We were out painting over the Graffiti there (again) last week.
  Somebody in the WWW Banned

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Perhaps if K-mart at "Centro Tuggeranong" (as it is now called - http://www.centro.com.au/CentroTuggeranong.htm ) stopped selling spraypaint off-the-shelf to anybody then there wouldn't be as many graffiti attacks in the area Mad
  xplorer2501 Chief Commissioner

Location: Tuggeranong, ACT
Still called the Hyperdome http://www.hyperdome.com.au  Wink Bunnings is the same, selling spraypaint. It wonders me why they would spraypaint in that area, no one is really going to notice it. unless they tell their kids oneday, thats my piece of work up for around 30 years...

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