I remember

  chooke Station Master

Flange squeals on the Hendon and Finsbury lines
Electric semaphore signals
Electric staff
Manned stations, the cylindrical ticket date machine and the hole punch used by conductors
Riding on red hens with doors open
The stretchers mounted near the roof on red hens
Smoking and non- smoking sections
The coloured lights and signs on red hen trains which signified their destination
The double buzz by the conductor when ready to leave the station
Turning the wheel in the baggage compartment
Stealing detonators from red hen trains (and then placing them on the tracks)
2 cents to use the toilet cubicle in the Adelaide station
The large Mah Jonge Dragon sign on the entrance to the station
The exit to the swimming pools at the other end
The piper shrike diesels
The guard ringing a bell while travelling on the Semaphore line
The showground train from Woodville which travelled through the goal loop
The manual gates at Bowden, and all the sidings on the Outer Harbour line
Chatting to the stationmaster or signal box operator while waiting for the train
The large choofs of black smoke from the Jumbos when accelerating away from the station

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