Bogie Nominations - ROFL of the Year

  4426 Chief Commissioner

Looking for Lima C38 slidebars or a point in the right direction on obtaining them.

Not those kinda points mate.

I will second this nomination if its possible.

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  speedemon08 Mary

Location: I think by now you should have figured it out
Poath Junction for this -

'And the lord saith unto Noah "Build me a railcar 3 cubits wide and 20 cubits long, then fill it with 2 of every type of bogan..."'
"Poath Junction"
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
This Bogie, for Best ROFL Post, has SIXTEEN nominations for the 2010 Bogies.

Best put them into the polls.

No more nominations, any new nominations go to next year. Twisted Evil
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
2011 Nominations for ROFL of the Year begin here.

Ipso facto, here is the first nomination:

Vline says NO!

Please note that despite a State Government announcement on Wednesday 20 April, pets* are NOT allowed on V/Line trains until further notice.

Whilst he was at it, Terry should have also announced Myki working on Vline services and trains back to Albury!

There goes my evil plan to enter politics, become Transport Minster, and declare free cabrides for all gunzels. Evil or Very Mad
  Gwiwer Rt Hon Gentleman and Ghost of Oliver Bulleid

Location: Loitering in darkest Somewhere
WAGR for his acerbic comment after a vessel struck Freo railway bridge on the Swan River.
  trainman3801 Chief Commissioner

Location: Why do you want to know?!?!?!
Raichase for this in the Spambots - What's the Point thread:

I think our community here has their wits about them to quickly report spambots and get them banned.

I dunno, I've survived here for how long now?
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
wongm, for his comments about mudholes and the NE SG conversion, and resumption of pass services:

"Each V/Line Albury line train should have five passenger carriages and 370 seats," Mr Mulder said.
"From the Minister for Public Transport"

I guess he is hedging his bets until the first train breaks apart over a mudhole?
  seb2351 Chief Commissioner

Location: Sydney
Gwiwer for his rating on the increase in server speed

Since Brian's post above the service of pages however requested has been faster than the foaming rate of gunzels at the latest piece of idle speculation.

  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
wongm for his photographic pun (with apologies to Wikimedia Commons) on Melbourne's Most Picturesque Station:

See here:

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