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  Tonymercury Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Botany NSW

A Gold Coast MP has told the Queensland Parliament, the city's $1.6 billion light rail project will be delivered on time and on budget.

The Leader of Government Business and Member for Mermaid Beach told the House, the rapid transit system is very limited in the number of people it will serve.

Ray Stevens says there is no opportunity to revisit the issue and the first stage will move people between the Gold Coast University campus at Parklands and Broadbeach.

He says he has been inundated with demands from senior members of the community for the project to be aborted.

"But I can assure people that the long-term future of extending the light rail is extremely limited and we deal and live with the project that we now have on our back doorstep and we enjoy it to the best of our capacities and utilise it to the best of our capacities," he said.

"The pain will start after the birth when taxpayers are forced to stump up the extra funds which will be required to support this public transport option.

"It was an option that was very limited in terms of movement numbers, it was very limited in the number of people it would serve."

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  Tonymercury Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Botany NSW

A MULTI-million dollar cost blow-out has been revealed in the controversial Gold Coast light rail project.

Preparatory roadworks are also expected to be at least nine months behind schedule.

Gold Coast Rapid Transit recently announced it had spent $187 million on construction in preparation for the light rail so far, but a Bulletin investigation revealed the State Government had only initially awarded $101 million in contracts.

But GCRT project manager Anna Carroll defended the discrepancy, saying the initial contracts did not include survey works, urban design and underground service upgrades which were part of separate contracts awarded later.

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The construction projects were the $33 million Gold Coast University Hospital Station Shell, and $68 million in contracts for preparatory roadworks in Southport and Broadbeach.

The roadworks included widening the streets and moving underground pipes and cables to make way for the light rail tracks.

Early construction at Southport and Broadbeach were meant to be finished by November 2011.

But works in Southport were not finished until February while Broadbeach will not be finished until August -- nine months past the original deadline.

Ms Carroll said the early works were still within budget, but admitted the GCRT had to dip into "contingency funds" a lot more than expected.

She said part of the extra costs were because while the road was dug up, drains, gas lines and telecommunication services were being upgraded to avoid having to dig up the road again.



"All major infrastructure projects in Queensland plan for contingency for additional funds are allocated for work," she said.

"The light rail project took the opportunity when the ground was opened up to replace and upgrade many of those services."

She said there were also unexpected problems found underground once the construction started.

"The contractors located a lot more unidentified, old and remnant services underground than the original surveys revealed," Ms Carroll said.

"Unfortunately, many of the services have been found to be in fairly poor condition.

"These led to a greater reliance on contingency funding than had been expected."

GoldLinQ is not responsible for the preparatory roadworks, but was awarded the public-private partnership for the rest of the project construction.


  Tonymercury Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Botany NSW

26 June, 2012

Gold Coasters jump on board for Voice of the Tram

A cowboy and the voice of the New York City subway are just two early entrants in GoldLinQ’s Voice of the Tram competition so far.

The competition, run by GoldLinQ with the help of radio station 1029 Hot Tomato, has received 50 online entries in its first week at

GoldLinQ’s operations partner KDR Gold Coast is searching for a Gold Coast person to be heard on its 14 trams running on the light rail network from mid-2014.

KDR Gold Coast Managing Director Vivienne King said she was excited to see so many entries in the first week of the eight-week competition.

“I didn’t know how many entrants to expect in the first week but it is wonderful to see so many talented Gold Coast people recording our scripts and wanting to be involved,” Ms King said.

“We’ve got a few entrants who have given us a laugh ¬- one with a cowboy accent and a man who is the voice of the New York subway but most are serious contenders for the role.

“We have a huge task ahead of us to get a final five for the public to vote on but we would love to see more Gold Coasters enter at”

GoldLinQ Communications Director Jason Ward said this was the Gold Coast’s chance to have some fun and get their voice heard.

“We only know of this sort of competition being run once before in Nottingham in the UK and it is a great way to get involved with the Gold Coast light rail project,” Mr Ward said.

GoldLinQ will choose five finalists to receive $200 to spend at Hilton's Salt Grill Restaurant and will hand over the final decision to the people of the Gold Coast.

The winner will be chosen by the public through Hot Tomato and in the final competition week. The best voice will be heard on all Gold Coast trams from 2014 and will also receive a mini mal surf board.

Visit for details and tune into The Mal and Luke show on 1029 Hot Tomato each Friday afternoon to hear some of the entries. The major winner will be announced by Mal and Luke during their show on Friday, August 10.


  Tonymercury Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Botany NSW


Works kick-off in Surfers Paradise





Vital construction work to relocate underground services and upgrade stormwater drainage is now underway in Surfers Paradise at the intersection of Ferny Avenue (Gold Coast Highway) and Surfers Paradise Boulevard.

To undertake this work the Ferny Avenue and Surfers Paradise Boulevard intersection will remain closed for another four weeks. For more information on traffic changes click here.

The critical work is needed to upgrade the area’s underground services to prepare for construction of the Gold Coast light rail system and will begin with extensive drainage work, which requires the width of the road network while three 450 diameter pipes are installed to future proof Gold Coast city drainage services.

“Stakeholders directly adjacent to the area have been contacted and I encourage people to continue to support businesses along the corridor during construction,” GoldLinQ CEO Phil Mumford said.

Works will be halted in the area during the GC600 motor racing event. Night works will be carried out throughout Surfers Paradise by GoldLinQ’s design and construction partners McConnell Dowell and Bombardier Transportation to ensure the construction program stays on-track. Construction is anticipated to commence between View and Cavill Avenues in late July 2012.





Piling starts for Smith Street light rail bridge





Piling work for the Gold Coast light rail project has now commenced with construction advancing on the 800-metre long viaduct linking Parklands Drive to the light rail Depot and Queen Street in Southport.

A viaduct is a bridge consisting of a series of spans or arches supported by piers and used to carry a road or railroad over a valley.

A total of 168 piles will support the viaduct, which is set to reach up to 13 metres in height, allowing light rail vehicles to travel over the Smith Street Motorway and above Loders Creek.

Piles are used to support bridge piers by reaching a strong layer of soil or rock in areas where the surface lacks the strength to support a certain structure.

Piling will be used during the construction of five bridges across the 13-kilometre Stage One route:

• The Smith Street viaduct.
• A shared pedestrian and cycle bridge across the Nerang River to the east of Sundale Bridge.
• A light rail vehicle bridge across the Nerang River immediately west of Sundale Bridge.
• Macintosh Island north and south bridges.


Construction of the light rail Depot facility is also advancing with earthworks and underground service relocations now underway.


The Depot will house operations staff when services commence and be used as a maintenance, storage and cleaning facility for the system’s 14 Bombardier Flexity 2 trams, which were designed by Queenslanders specifically for the Gold Coast.


  Tonymercury Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Botany NSW

Caps off to Gold Coast designers

Gold Coast design students and industry professionals have submitted their ideas for uniforms that GoldLinQ tram drivers and operational staff will wear when services begin in 2014.

GoldLinQ CEO Phil Mumford said the consortium was committed to having locals involved in the Gold Coast light rail project and so put the call out to Coast-based industry and student designers with 11 options now on the table.

“This project is all about the people of the Gold Coast, and we’re continually achieving over 90 per cent local participation already” Mr Mumford said.

Two Coast-based industry work wear providers answered the call as well as Gold Coast Institute of TAFE design students. The TAFE students completed their designs as part of their semester course work.

GoldLinQ operations partner KDR Gold Coast provided the brief including colours, comfort, budget and a uniform staff could wear with pride.

KDR Gold Coast Managing Director Vivienne King said decisions would be difficult but would come down to matching the brief.

“The ideas for the suite of uniforms this project requires range from 70’s inspired swing jackets to futuristic-looking suits and everything professional in between.

The 11 design ranges must be whittled down to one collection of uniforms for tram drivers, line officers, customer service officers, maintenance workers and other operational staff. Of the 120 operations staff, 101 are expected to wear a uniform.

Ms King said uniforms must be chosen by the end of July to ensure they were delivered before first uniform-wearing staff began work in April, 2013.

Ms King said the Australian-designed uniform would be manufactured with a company who had the ability to produce goods on-time, within cost and ethically.

KDR Gold Coast has been contracted to operate the Gold Coast light rail network for 15 years from 2014 and considers a uniform to be an important aspect of customer service to transport users, which will be renewed to meet those changing aspects.


  Tonymercury Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Botany NSW

12 July, 2012

Light rail Community Grants now open

GoldLinQ’s design and construction partners McConnell Dowell (MacDow) and Bombardier Transportation are giving their support to Gold Coast community groups with the chance of a $2000 grant.

Aimed at delivering financial and social benefits to the community in which the Gold Coast light rail is being constructed, the Community Grants program offers a number of grants each worth up to $2,000 per applicant per round.

Design and Construction Joint Venture Project Director, Daryl Young, said the Community Grants program was established to offer support to a wide range of organisations that provide important services to Gold Coast residents and businesses affected by the construction of Queensland’s first light rail, as well as future system users.

“We are seeking applications from projects and groups that will provide lasting community benefit in the areas of healthy and active living; community; safety; youth; environment and public transport,” Mr Young said.

“We want to support community operations through funding programs for infrastructure or equipment.”

Applications for the first round of grants close 10 August 2012, with two rounds to be held in 2013. To apply, applicants should go to

  Tonymercury Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Botany NSW

GoldLinQ guiding the community during construction

Navigating the light rail construction corridor is a little easier for Kevin Carney and his three-year old guide dog Wesley thanks to GoldLinQ’s construction community team and Vision Australia.

Kevin and Wesley make the walk between their Broadbeach home and Oasis Shopping Centre almost daily.

“I found a footpath I used had been barricaded so, with support from my Vision Australia Orientation and Mobility instructor, Kim Pilic, I chased up who was responsible for the work and Joe (Broadbeach Place Manager) met me on site to see what could be done,” Mr Carney said.

“I now get the Weekly Construction newsletter that tells me about what work is happening and Joe has been brilliant – he listens to what you say and you can talk to him as a person.

“Even though the next two years are going to be a pain with everything changing and track going down I know I can phone Joe any time.”

GoldLinQ CEO Phil Mumford said construction partner McConnell Dowell’s Communication and Stakeholder Engagement team was working with Vision Australia and Mr Carney to modify some of the construction areas in Broadbeach to help guide dog Wesley learn the new route.

“Construction work can have a significant impact on the independence of people who are blind or have low vision, particularly when they can no longer access the shops and services they require on a daily basis,” Vision Australia Orientation and Mobility instructor, Kim Pilic said

“GoldLinQ’s willingness to work with Vision Australia and Mr Carney to find a solution that helps him to maintain his independence and safely cross the busy Gold Coast highway should be commended.

“In addition, their ongoing commitment to keep Kevin informed will enable him to access additional Orientation and Mobility training as needed.”

GoldLinQ CEO Phil Mumford said the Communication and Stakeholder Engagement team of 10, located across the corridor, was responsible for ensuring affected stakeholders knew about construction works and the related impacts in advance.

Mr Mumford said Broadbeach Place Manager Joe Pereira had met with Mr Carney and Ms Pilic prior to changes and after changes to ensure they were comfortable with the new path.

“We are committed to working with stakeholders on the ground during construction and we will work to find individual solutions to people’s needs, like Kevin,” Mr Mumford said.

“Each construction zone has a Place Manager and I encourage people to call our project hotline 1800 967 377 to get in touch with the right person if they have an issue or query.”

13 July 2012 12:28

  Tonymercury Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Botany NSW

LIGHT rail construction work in the centre of Surfers Paradise will stop for six weeks over the Christmas-New Year period in a win for struggling retailers.
The State Government has officially signed off on the change of timetable, which GoldLinQ implemented following ongoing consultation with businesses that have long been concerned about the impact on their busiest time of year.
Surfers Paradise Alliance and Surfers Paradise Precinct Advisory Group were involved in the process.
Work between View Ave and Beach Rd will now stop from December 16 until January 29.

The stoppage will not affect the overall timetable of the light rail but GoldLinQ is now assessing what parts of the route it can work on while the Surfers Paradise work is stopped. Surfers Paradise Alliance boss Mike Winlaw said the decision had averted a major disaster.
"With things as they stood, Surfers Paradise businesses would have gone broke," he said.
"Day and night work was scheduled throughout the heart of Surfers.
"No one would want to holiday in the middle of that.
"We have been working closely with GoldLinQ in the past few weeks and finally common sense has prevailed. I truly believe businesses would have been in serious trouble.
"The Christmas period is where traders make their money."
"We are thrilled with the outcome and know traders will be too."
GoldLinQ CEO Phil Mumford said he wanted to work with businesses, not against them.
"We want to support business to take advantage of their busiest trade times
" I think this a great outcome for the city," he said. "This will not affect overall delivery of the project as we have 13 kilometres of underground services, civils and track works to get on with to make sure trams are operational come mid-2014."
Stage One of the Gold Coast light rail is a $1 billion project, consisting of 14 trams and 16 stations stretching a 13km route between the Gold Coast University Hospital and Broadbeach.
  Tonymercury Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Botany NSW

Full steam ahead for light rail construction

Construction on the Gold Coast’s light rail system is ramping up with works under way for the 800-metre light rail bridge over Smith Street and across the Loders Creek valley.

GoldLinQ Chairman John Witheriff said this city-building project was full steam ahead to connect residents, businesses and tourists to key Gold Coast precincts with an integrated public transport system.

“The first stage of this project is injecting millions into the local economy as well as providing local construction workers with jobs,” Mr Witheriff said.

“We are averaging more than 100 subcontractors on site each day with 100 per cent of blue collar workers from the Gold Coast and surrounding regions and we are consistently hitting our targets of more than 90 per cent for local industry participation.

“The key to the success of this project is locals supporting businesses on the construction corridor and when operating trams will deliver people right to the doors of these businesses.”

GoldLinQ CEO Phil Mumford said construction works would involve piling, bridge piers for the Smith Street light rail bridge (viaduct), earthworks, underground service relocation and construction of a Depot maintenance facility.

“Works have already started on the viaduct and the construction will take about 16 months from start to finish,” Mr Mumford said.

“These works will connect the light rail corridor to Parklands Drive, Southport via a first-class Depot.”

Mr Mumford said from 2014, the Depot would house operations staff as well as at least 14 light rail vehicles.

“The Depot, located between Smith Street and Queen Street, Southport, will house light rail vehicles having maintenance work done or when they are not in use,” he said.

The Smith Street viaduct will be 800 metres long with 400 metres elevated, up to 13 metres high across the Loders Creek valley and will be supported by 24 bored piles and 144 driven piles.

Piles create a solid foundation to support the bridge by reaching a stronger layer of soil or rock. Bored piling creates less noise and is inserted into a pre-dug hole and set with concrete with driven piling involving hammering of a concrete pile to a determined depth using a piling rig.

Work on the rail bridge comes as the GoldLinQ consortium proves its commitment to safety racking up more than 500,000 hours without any lost time injuries on the Gold Coast light rail project.

Design and Construction Joint Venture Project Director Daryl Young said on any project safety was of the utmost importance.

“Constructing in a highly urban environment means GoldLinQ needs to manage both the safety of our workforce and the public we are working so closely to,” Mr Young said.

“This milestone is a testament that the GoldLinQ consortium is staying true to McConnell Dowell’s commitment to delivering upon our safety campaign and its message – home without harm everyone every day.”

The Queensland Government states since 2010 and at a time of severe downturn in the local construction industry, the Queensland Government funded Early Enabling Works have created 2650 jobs for Gold Coast workers and injected $71.05 million directly into the local economy.

“Through the Design and Construction Phase, the GoldLinQ consortium has continued this legacy by developing a growing workforce of almost 200 direct employees and contributing $26.8 million to date through procurement activities that benefit to the local economy,” Mr Young said.

With construction and site preparation visible along most of the 13-kilometre light rail corridor, GoldLinQ CEO Phil Mumford said safety comes first every single day of the project.

“We are committed to the safety of every person on our work sites across the Gold Coast and surrounding public with a One Team approach to everything we do,” Mr Mumford said.

Milestones for GoldLinQ to date include:

• Geotechnical investigations for the entire route (November 2011)

• Delivery and installation of site office buildings to the GCCC Depot (February 2012)

• Started the first permanent works with Telstra relocations along Parklands Drive and continued site preparatory works along the majority of the alignment (April 2012)

• The GCUH station shell and all Early Enabling Works north areas were handed over to GoldLinQ from the Queensland Government (April 2012)

• Relocated the Osprey bird pole and nest to new location (April 2012)

• Rail arrived in Australia at the Brisbane Port (April 2012)

• Works started in Parklands, Southport, Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach.

26 July 2012 15:42

  tonyp Chief Commissioner

Location: Shoalhaven
I suppose if this was done 100 years ago the ospreys would have been shot.
  Tonymercury Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Botany NSW

his month marks a major milestone for GoldLinQ with civil works beginning in the tourist centre of Surfers Paradise Boulevard. 


At the same time GoldLinQ are busy re-programming to halt construction between View Avenue and Beach Road during the Christmas period following feedback from the Surfers Paradise Precinct Advisory Group.


CEO Phil Mumford said that in the lead up to the works, GoldLinQ’s Communications and Stakeholder Engagement team has been working closely with the Surfers Paradise traders, organisations and the Surfers Paradise Precinct Advisory Group to develop strategies to minimise the impact of construction.


“GoldLinQ will commence civils work at the Elkhorn intersection from 12 August. Surfers Paradise Boulevard will become one-way southbound from View to Cavill Avenues. Southbound access to Chevron Island will be maintained for the majority of construction via a right hand turn from Surfers Paradise Boulevard onto Elkhorn Avenue.”


“We’ll work in this area until the Christmas school holidays, then demobilise to enable businesses to take advantage of their busiest tourist season.”


“We want to accommodate the needs of businesses in the tourist centre of the Boulevard so visitors and locals can rediscover the excitement of Surfers Paradise. I think this a great outcome for the city.”


“The change in construction schedule will not affect overall delivery of the project as we have 13-kilometres of undergrounds services, civils and track works to get on with to make sure trams are operational come mid-2014,” Mr Mumford said.

  Tonymercury Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Botany NSW

Final five Voice of the Tram unveiled

GoldLinQ’s Voice of the Tram competition has reached its final week, with the top five entrants now open to public voting.

With a total of 176 entries, CEO Phil Mumford said it was exciting to see the number of Gold Coasters wanting to be involved with the project.

“We didn’t know how many to expect in the first week, let alone the whole competition,” Mr Mumford said.

“We had 50 in the first week and averaged between 10 and 20 entrants each week.

“Picking the top five was a difficult decision with late entries proving just as good as early birds who entered on the first day.

“We had a panel made up of GoldLinQ and KDR staff who all felt like competition judges listening to audio auditions, each with their unique sounds and all had positive points.”

The eight-week campaign, run by GoldLinQ and 1029 Hot Tomato with, is now in its final week and it is up to the public to vote who they want to hear on every Gold Coast tram from 2014.

The top five have each won a $200 voucher to spend at Salt Grill, The Hilton Gold Coast and the final winner will be announced during Hot Tomato’s Mal and Luke show on 10 August. The winner will be named Voice of the Tram and will receive a 7 foot 6 inch Mini Mal Surf Board.

The Voice of the Tram will record tram messages, along with safety and courtesy messages to be heard on board the vehicle.

To hear the top five entrants and vote go to before 9 August.

8 August 2012 14:45

  Draffa Chief Commissioner

I suppose if this was done 100 years ago the ospreys would have been shot.
Probably even 20 years ago.
  Tonymercury Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Botany NSW

GoldLinQ providing jobs now and in the future for Gold Coasters

Adding to the hundreds of direct construction-related jobs created to build the Gold Coast’s light rail system, GoldLinQ’s operation phase will provide new professions for the city.

Tram drivers, customer service and maintenance staff are just some of jobs needed to operate the 14-tram system with some staff coming on board as early as 2013.

KDR Gold Coast Managing Director Vivienne King said Gold Coasters only needed an open driver’s licence and a positive attitude to apply for a tram-driving job.

“All operations positions will receive extensive training before operating the light rail in the city,” Ms King said.

Ms King said controllers would be the first to be recruited in early 2013 and would oversee the safe operation of the light rail system.

She said the next phase of hiring would be infrastructure maintainers to ensure stations, the Depot, track and bridges were safe and tested, followed by tram drivers and the customer service team.

“KDR Gold Coast will employ 120 operations staff providing locals with new job opportunities following the hundreds of jobs needed during the system’s construction phase.”

GoldLinQ CEO Phil Mumford, who is currently in Europe inspecting light rail systems in operation and the manufacture of the Gold Coast trams, said providing jobs for the city was one significant aspect of this city-changing project.

“Not only are we providing a world-class light rail system to add to an integrated public transport network for the whole of the city – we are also providing much-needed local jobs in a time of economic downturn,” Mr Mumford said.

“We have an average of 140 construction workers on site each day as of July 31 and are locally procuring 92% of goods, services and employees.”

GoldLinQ will keep the public updated about employment opportunities at Recruiting is expected to begin in early 2013.


  GeoffreyHansen Minister for Railways

Location: In a FAM sleeper
The TramsDownUnder group advises that we have rails down. 
  GeoffreyHansen Minister for Railways

Location: In a FAM sleeper
The TramsDownUnder group advises that we have rails down. 

Correction I think the rails are just in place at present. 
  Tonymercury Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Botany NSW

After the alarm earlier in the week on TDU about photography, a TA correspondent visited the Coast yesterday to take some photographs, duly warned to be cautious.

Of course, no one was working, there were NOT hordes of security personnel and there were no problems taking photographs.

Obviously weekend are the way to go if you want to avoid a fight over denied rights.

Tony Bailey

  Gaz170 Junior Train Controller

Location: Gold Coast
The TramsDownUnder group advises that we have rails down. 

Correction I think the rails are just in place at present. 

I have seen rails in place in Queen Street west, hard to see if they are actually secured in place.
  Dazzagc Station Master

Yes its in there with concrete laying in,  started last week. 
  Gaz170 Junior Train Controller

Location: Gold Coast
Can confirm that there is a short stretch in Queen St concreted in to final position, with a few hundred metres adjacent to it all but concreted in.
  Gaz170 Junior Train Controller

Location: Gold Coast
Saw today tracklaying also progressing on McIntosh Island, just near the Indy pits.
  tasrail2100 Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisbane, Queensland.
Some pictures of the track laying works around the Gold Coast taken on 28/10/2012

  qr3900 Chief Commissioner

Location: Gold Coast, QLD
It's been a while since anyone's posted here, so I might as well add my 2c:

Taken from the GoldLinQ website:

Southport light rail works progress with bus stop relocation

GoldLinQ advises the bus stop outside Australia Fair has been permanently closed and relocated north along Scarborough Street to make way for light rail.

CEO Phil Mumford said at the same time Nerang Street, between Davenport and Scarborough Streets, was permanently closed to through traffic.

“This section of Nerang Street will be pedestrianised as part of trams operating in the Southport CBD and works will now progress in the area, which means traffic will be redirected,” Mr Mumford said.

“We have been working closely with businesses on the street to ensure they will still have access to their driveways from Davenport Street.

“Southport CBD will have a transport hub from mid-2014 with public transport users able to catch a tram north or south and buses to the north and west.”

Mr Mumford said Southport residents and visitors would see a new set of traffic signals at the intersection of Hinze and Scarborough Streets and a new bus station outside the Police station and TAFE in Scarborough Street from this week.

“Now underground services work, including water and electricity relocations and upgrades, will begin in Scarborough Street outside Australia Fair,” he said.

“One pedestrian crossing will remain outside Australia Fair but its location may change during construction.”

Mr Mumford asked motorists to abide by the 40 km/h speed limit and follow all traffic control advice and signs in the area to keep themselves and GoldLinQ workers safe.

I also noticed the other day that tracks have now been laid across the intersection of high street and nerang street.
  qr3900 Chief Commissioner

Location: Gold Coast, QLD
Tracks are now laid over the intersection of Queen St and Nerang St. Also the bridge over smith street is slowly taking shape.
  petan Chief Commissioner

Location: Waiting to see a zebra using a zebra crossing!

Folks know about the PB15 steam era Southport level crossing on High Street at the Nind Street intersection near the western end of the former Southport Station yard.

Today we drove over the High Street level crossing. Little bit rough so we checked the reason for the bumps. Seems the rails have resurfaced but this time they have shifted 500 meters south along High Street to the Nerang Street intersection. The original rails must have been lonely as now the single track has a “live in partner”. They must have been to the gym or taken some steroids as their waistlines have expanded from 1067mm to 1435mm.

The factual translation; New double track 1435mm gauge level crossing on High Street/  Nerang Street intersection outside Southport Hospital. The tram lines were also seen at various spots down towards Broadbeach as well. Of course, the 1960s High Street level crossing at Nind Street is long gone with the road rearranged as well.

If you want to compare the present day tram level crossing with the steam era one, see the 1960 street directory I have on the net   and download if desired from



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