Bogies Nominations - Best Post or Thread

  Sonofagunzel Chief Commissioner

This is the official thread for nominating for the Bogie for "Best Thread".

The thread will be kept open throughout the year - nominations before the cut off date each year will be eligible for that year's Bogie.

The nominated thread must be active since the cut off for nominations for the last Bogies (for 2006, say August 2005).

This thread merged with Best Post, in 2010[/EDIT]

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  qr3900 Chief Commissioner

Location: Gold Coast, QLD
One thread could be very easily described as the best thread, and that would be the one with over 500 pages of non-usable jargon! Very Happy

Long Live the thread of Useless Posts!


  Warks Minister for Railways

Location: Near H30+059
"Brands of food and drink long gone" was a personal fave.
  mjja Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Mount Waverley, Melbourne
PTUA Hangups. I had such fun.
  Mickelaar The Ghost of George Stephenson

Location: At the layout, tinkering.
Hitachi spotting in melb suburban... it's interesting to read, but completely useless without Michael A's clipboard
  Sonofagunzel Chief Commissioner

Nominations closed.  Further nominations will be considered for the 2007 Bogies.
  Sonofagunzel Chief Commissioner

I nominate this thread, started by Riccardo:

This is the list of Riccardo's transport hobbyhorses.

This is what I come to Railpage to read.  Informed comment, sensible debate, forward-thinking ideas.

[edit="574M"]This is the start of the 2007 Bogie Nominations for Best Thread[/edit]
  Byrnesy Minister for Railways

Location: Gone
This is what I come to Railpage Australia™ to read.  Informed comment, sensible debate, forward-thinking ideas.
You sure about that? I get the impression that you really get a kick out of pinning JoM to the wall in your various debates..... Wink
  Sonofagunzel Chief Commissioner

That too.
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
Call for Final Nominations, 2007

Bogie Nominations have been open since 26 September 2006, generally, in most bogie threads.

We call for final nominations now, and close them off around 15 September and open the polls for voting. Voting is open until the votes dwindle to a trickle; a final reminder is posted, and then the polls are closed and the winners declared.

Here are the guidelines for this category:

For Best Thread

This will be a thread of a positive nature, which has made demonstrably sensible points and has generally been well received sans postwhoring, on Railpage since 26 September 2006
  Nexas The Ghost of George Stephenson

Since there have been no nominations, I will nominate this thread, just for the sake of having a thread win it if nothing actually gets nominated seriously.

(Too many good threads to pick from)
  GeoffreyHansen Minister for Railways

Location: In a FAM sleeper
An informative thread has been the one about the Adelaide City Tram Extension Project.

I suppose that the Useless Post Thread would be out of the Question for a nomination

[edit="574M"]Accepted. It would be up to the members to find it as it keeps on changing titles-perhaps more often than the "Need a Hitissue?" thread Exclamation[/edit]

Link to thread here:
  GeoffreyHansen Minister for Railways

Location: In a FAM sleeper
The Where is it threads have been good including the one about Railway Archaeology.

A good recent one has been Forgive Me J. J. C. Bradfield, for I Have Sinned...
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
Best Thread

2BM7 derailment at Sefton coming out of Enfield
15123 views, 191 replies.
  Centralvulcan Train Controller

I support the nomination of the Adelaide Tram Extension thread - timely, informative, well illustrated and not too much rubbish digression.
  R704 Chief Commissioner

Location: Who cares you ain't gonna visit!
i nominate "locos and rolling stock on your workbench"
there is nothing but genuine admiration for others work and skill as well as constructive criticism and great advice to be shared
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
This nomination is also eligible for the new bogie, Best Contribution to Model Railways.

As there have not been a lot of nominations over there, I will copy this nomination over to the new bogie thread for Model Railways.
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
Best Thread
Pet Hate #4 Bags on Seats
  409 Minister for Railways

I would like to throw my weight behind the Adelaide Tram Extension thread and it isn't because of the 300 something photos I have submitted.

It is a combined effort by all of us here in Adelaide to report on the happenings on this project. A tram extension in Melbourne is rare, a tram extension outside of Melbourne is exceptionally rare and an extension of any sort in Adelaide is almost unheard of! This is the first time a tramway extension has been laid in Adelaide since 1944 (Burnside - Erindale). While the subject has gone off topic for some short sections, over the whole, it is packed full of information and photos as it happened. The amount of photos posted is staggering with something between 600-700 photos at a guess posted.

What makes it all the more important is that the amount of negative press the Government has got over this project. I am sure that other governments in other states would have folded already but we have kept on going regardless and the media tide (especially from the Advertiser) is starting to turn. Infact, one of the columnists has admitted he was wrong about his previous stance of the extension and has now thrown his weight behind the project.
  greenkayaker Minister for Railways

Location: Lithgovian Media Centre
I'll Nominate the Lithgovian Thread again this year.

I know some don't like it, but it is quite funny and clever.
  WWOTBAG Junior Train Controller

Location: Murchison
We would like to nominate

Join the Chardonnay Set on the 1833!!!

Not because we posted to it but because this is how we found Railpage Australia.

The incredibly detailed and accurate information in the posts by others definitely made us more informed lobbysists and we feel that it contributed in some part to the positive outcome of the express 1833 to start on October 1.

Thanks to all who contributed.  Thanks also to Railpage Australia, this is an excellent discussion site and we will defintely remain active here.  Many of the forums and threads make fascinating reading, even though we are not gunzels and don't understand much of the technical details.

Thank you for the opportunity to nominate.
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
Nominations closed. Any new nominations go to 2008
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
Thread of the Month - September
Rusty Rails on the North Shore Line?

This thread discusses the difference in rail wear and rail head profile on suburban and freight lines. Most suburban stock now have profiled tyres so the shine in fact can often be just a narrow band on the railhead. This is becoming more and more common.

crypticone's post is a pearler, where he explains rail planing and grinding, and the different practices in different states, in addition to responding to the issue of light rail and tram rail. See
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
Honourable Mention for Thread of the Month - September
KRaviator Comes a KRoppa

KRviator himself provided both the subject and object of the most important competency in every and any activity on our railways: A. B. C.  (Always Be Careful). This turned into a very telling thread on training and safety and the experiences others have had with bucking bronco air hoses.
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
Thread of the Month -  October

The Adelaide City Tram Extension opened on 14 October, the first new extension in Adelaide for yonks. 409 posted Youtubes of the first services, and shots of Flexitys on the new extension:

This thread has had many, many photographic and detailed contributions during constrution by many from South Australia.  Both newsworthy and photgenic, an excellent thread which examines new construction from many different angles.

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