Where Am I? #3

  412M Assistant Commissioner

40 Guesses! Out of 202 stations, there's only 162 left, subtract the ones with sidings, ones that weren't double-line-block and the ones without crossing on the up side-only can be about 25 maximum left!

Noble Park for my guess.

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  OzzyAzza Chief Train Controller

Location: Brisbane via Melbourne
My apologies to RoderickSmith, I stole his answer of Glenroy  Embarassed

Might go with Ivanhoe instead...
  Valvegear Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Richmond Vic
My thanks to OzzyAzza - I thought I'd caught up with all the previous answers! (Sob - failed again.)
  Sir Thomas Bent Minister for Railways

Location: Banned
Thank the Gods we have a winner and I can be done with this!

Noble Park it is.

The 1949 Signal Book has an Advanced Starting signal, and the crossing on the Up side - Corrigan Rd, is notorious for level crossing accidents over and above others.

There is no reason for an Advanced Starting signal except perhaps that Sandown Park at the time was switched in only for Race trains.
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For the next quiz including new rules head off to:


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