Whatever happened to Train Ads?

  MTA Train Controller

Location: Somewhere near Box Hill, missing the 4D
How many were put in? And on which sets?

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  Autopenguin Assistant Commissioner

And the most annoying and notable of all, remember when we were all subjected to BATBYGOBSTOPL.

Though it was a seriously misguided ad campaign, I loved it's sheer strangeness... The ad with the three-piece indie band doing the BATBYGOBSTOPL song was priceless Smile
  Badger Chief Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
How many were put in? And on which sets?
Not 100% sure, but I think it was only 489M - 510M.
  d1-3508 Chief Commissioner

Location: Malvern Depot or out somewhere on the M>tram network
No, there was at least one other, a 600-series number springs to mind... Maybe 613M?
  clownswilleatme Deputy Commissioner

I think the BATBYGOBSTOPL campaign was pretty funny.

So much so I souvineered a full-size poster (with permission of course!)

It's up on my wall at the moment.

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