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It would make sense to move Lavo into zone 2 to spread the load between the stations a bit more.  The extra revenue could be used for an extra service or two  Rolling Eyes

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Sorry to bring up a year old post but yes the runway might of been decommisioned in 93 but i lived in laverton with the RAAF base beside by house.... Strange things went on there very strange.... there were sounds of jets taking off, machine gun fire etc and one night a rather large Explosion which the Base Blamed the Port of Melbourne on

It still is a functioning RAAF Base, i'd've expected more actually, but it's a shame we've had to say goodbye to an airfield - though most of it's former glory in it's heyday has diminished, it still nevertheless is an active base. It doesn't serve the RAAF any major purpose, but is used for quite a lot of local administration, and caters every now and again for activities. RAAF Base Williams (Laverton +  Point Cook), will be remaining operational - with the base at Point Cook being fixed up to see further use in the not to distant future.
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We're up and away at Aircraft Station

We've built a new temporary pedestrian overpass, which means we can keep the station open and passengers safe while we build the new pedestrian and cyclist underpass, and 100 new and upgraded car parks

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