Car Set SN7 to enter service this week

  Chris Brownbill Chief Commissioner

So sounds like the three lower numbered cars are more interesting than the two higher numbered cars.

Ie - they're riveted not welded, they've got woodgrain interiors rather than chunder-coloured and they've got functioning bogs.

What happens if you loiter around a BS car toilet? Dunno. 8)

Anyhow, this was the original consist on the test run:
The cars in it are:

The rivets are just along the bottom, the original SOP cars were fully riveted (thanks to rjcas for the catch). The fully welded cars have cream painted interiors, the riveted ones have dark woodgrain interiors.

The consist today is just the same. BS215 have the separate washroom and toilets at both ends, the other cars have the larger combined toilets. An inspection of the state of the toilets gives:
BS217: west end only, retention dunny fitted
BS219: both locked
BS216: west end only, retention dunny fitted
BS218: both locked
BS215: east end washroom and toilet open, retention dunny fitted, west end washroom and toilet locked

For some reason only the riveted cars had the dunnies fitted - coincidence? Confused

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