Australian Content!?

  taggy Chief Commissioner

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Do we now what australian content will be included (if any)?
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  decapod Locomotive Driver

Location: UK
I doubt any will be included, but I'll try and get the Class 19 converted asap.

If you look at FSX it's a "bare bones" simulator. few places in great detail and a few aircraft.
TS2 will probably be the same, leaving it to addon providers and MS themselves to expand the product e.g. MS are producing an addon pack for FSX soon - it's a way of making even more money out of us Smile
  taggy Chief Commissioner

Location: At Fassifern watching double Garratts.
I look forward to modelling (or trying) this new sim. I'm enjoying the 19 class very much. Ta muchly! Laughing
  cjennin Station Master

Probably non. But anything can happen in the next 12 months or so.

While MSTS2 & KRS are not out yet theirs really nothing from stoping people from whiping out gmax, 3ds max, 3D canvas, eg and having a crack at building your favorite loco. A few people over at UK train sim have been modeling stuff for KRS for months. Some of us should probably take the gap between now & the release to sproose up what models we already made &/or start on something new.

While most of us have worked with MSTS & Trainz, we still don't know the do's & don't of up-comming train sims. While both MSTS2/KRS probably allow more polygons for highly detailed models, but it's how each sim will handle textures & privot points that are probably going to be the worry. And we can asume that physics & controsl are also going to be handled differently in each sim. But it's possible to change texture options to suite the sim/s in questions. We just have to wait until we got the sims/SDKs in hand.

Until we see MSTS2 & KRS: we wait, we plan, we build..
  TheTrainMan Station Staff

Looks like RailWorks is the winner, pitty MSTS2 looked like it was going to be pretty awsome on the details side. But I suppose it's better to have RW and no MSTS2 than neither.
  2001 Moderator The Snow Lord

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