*PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING* Sydney Suburban Forum - Welcome!

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Hi folks! 

Welcome to the new Sydney Suburban Forum!

This forum has been created after various requests to have one place hosting all discussions relating to Cityrail and NSW Suburban train operations, rather than a confusing split between the NSW Forum and The Intercity Platform Forum. Basically, this forum is here to host all discussions relating, but not limiting to the following: *All of Cityrail's Suburban and Intercity Trains (I.e. S/R/L/K/C/T-Sets, Millennium Trains and OSCARs) *Any activity concerning suburban trains within the Cityrail Limit (Bounded by Lithgow, Goulburn, Scone/Dungog, and Nowra) Basically, anything to do with sparks under wires.

Please use discretion if you are uncertain which forum your topic lies in, but otherwise, feel free to PM any of the Railpage Australia moderators for their advice.

Rules This forum follows all the general Railpage rules and regulations as stated in the Terms of Use. In a nutshell...
1) Personal Attacks won't be tolerated, and really, is bad form.
2) If you're being attacked, or something/one is really irritating the smeg out of you, DON'T BITE BACK!. Email/PM an online Moderator and they'll sort it out for you.
3) Please refrain from posting any information that may be deemed as innuendo, or blatently false.

Apart from that, enjoy! Smile

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  Barrington Womble Photo Nazi

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Just a note the the above rules still stand.

One additional rule is not to make multiple threads on the one subject unless it's important enough to warrant it's own discussion - personal discretion is the key.

Please feel free to send a PM to RP staff if you have any queries or suggestions to make this forum a better place.
Also, if you feel some users are clogging up the forum with rubbish posts or multiple threads; please use the 'Herring' feature, and report the post/thread via the report post module.



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