Where is it - Sydney Suburban - Bounded by Cityrail Network

  Henry Herby

Location: Victoria

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  theanimal Chief Commissioner

  Raichase Captain Rant!

Location: Sydney, NSW
  hurstville1 Chief Commissioner

Location: Uniform Papa - Yankee Oscar - Alpha Sierra Sierra
  1979 Chief Commissioner

Location: MMC
  daniel741231 Train Controller

Location: Trying to figure out who else from work posts on here...
  wurx Lithgovian Ambassador-at-Large

Location: The mystical lost principality of Daptovia
  flathog Chief Commissioner

Location: Central West, NSW
I've gotta admit, this is a hard one...for me at least, I don't believe I've ever seen the "flat" faced poles before...must only be a recent thing?

  JatzCrackers Chief Commissioner

Location: Castle Crackers, Lithgovia
St Marys?
  dirge Chief Train Controller

Location: 33° 58' 6" S; 151° 7' 28" E
  nazarail Chief Commissioner

Location: Between BN 80 UL and BN 87 UL
  neety Chief Commissioner

Bwana - no fluke mate...simply local knowledge and a little bit of deduction Wink

BTW, no one seems to have answered my question re: the extent of "Sydney Suburban"...Confused

So...here goes with mine...

"Skindog the Hawk"

You are on a Tangara with scratched windows at Waterfall?
  Skindog the Hawk Assistant Commissioner

Location: Wollongong

Henry is correct.

I was actually on a V-set heading south during the Heathcote-Waterfall shut-down. The SSR loco was on Platform 2 light-engine.

Over to you Henry!

  Henry Herby

Location: Victoria
Am I able to put up a picture within 2-3 days?
  Bwana Chief Commissioner

A quick game's a good game Henry. There's no rules but if you can't do it in about a day I'd be opening the floor.

Doesn't take that long to do, even if you have to set up a hosting account. Half hour max. Extra time is given, of course, so people can get home and raid their hard drives/scan a pic/go out and take one.
  Henry Herby

Location: Victoria
Ill put a photo up soon as possible.
  albert3801 Chief Commissioner

Location: Werrington, NSW
It's now been 4 days... should we open the floor?
  Henry Herby

Location: Victoria
Is it possible for you guys to wait until Monday?
  wurx Lithgovian Ambassador-at-Large

Location: The mystical lost principality of Daptovia
Under the rules of most wherizzit quizzes Henry (and I don't see why this one would be any exception), you must produce a pic within 24hrs of winning, or forfeit & declare open floor. Since 5 days have now elapsed, the latter would be the case. Please also realise Henry, if this exception is made for you, everyone will then expect long rainchecks - and that prevents the quiz moving along (yes, in the past, some quizzes have lain dormant for months because this rule wasn't applied). So no, afraid we can't wait till Monday Sad

Get your pic ready anyway (in fact get as many as you can ready, so you've a supply on hand), as you're tuned in enough that you will be winning again some time in the very near future Smile

In the meantime, to keep the quiz moving, I'll pop this one in:

I think this one should go by the time you can get your pic ready for posting, Henry - so hop to it, you're on the mark!

BTW You'll all have to battle it out as to exactly where this is, as I can't remember Embarassed Having said that, I believe I can positively identify which line 8179 & friend were on, and which way they were headed at the time. So an exact location (station) would be appreciated so I can correctly caption my pic in my gallery Smile

Go to it, me hearties! Very Happy
  flathog Chief Commissioner

Location: Central West, NSW


EDIT: Wrote Yennora but the next station down from Merrylands was Guildford, just reminds me of the place Laughing
  Henry Herby

Location: Victoria
Yes, I know the 24 hour rule but I have no idea on how to get a photo up so I was going to have a link but my web page doesn't open until monday or Christmas day.  Embarassed
  newington Chief Commissioner

Location: Here, very occasionally.
Sydney side of Merrylands Question
  wurx Lithgovian Ambassador-at-Large

Location: The mystical lost principality of Daptovia
Too many tracks for Guildford.

The freight train is passing through a cutting, so that rules out Merrylands - which is flat as can be around the station precincts.
  Fred3801 Chief Commissioner

Location: Inner West, Sydney
  Davy Deputy Commissioner

Location: Old Main South
Too many tracks for Guildford.

I can only see 2 tracks in the photo, so that doesnt rule out Guildford. However, double contact wire rules it out.

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