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  macey Assistant Commissioner

Location: Looking for where you live....
For Sale

Spectrum (southern) 0-6-0 saddle tank loco. (DCC ready)
New in box. Had about 15  to 20 mins running time.
Runs smooth, no problems.
Make me a offer.

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  dave Locomotive Fireman

Location: Neerim South
For Sale

PSM Brass HO Scale K183 in preserved blue and gold Steamrail livery

I have owned this model since new and it has had a test run every six months to make sure it runs okay.

If interested please send me a PM


DAvid O'Hare
  BL2 Chief Train Controller

I have an unusual combo for sale, the mechanism is an Intermountain EMD  F "A" unit, purchased Dec 07, has factory fitted DCC and QSI sound and ultra bright head and number board lights, the body is a brand new undecorated Proto1000 F3(arrived from U.S. today).
I wanted the loco originally  for the PH2 body, only intermountain has the correct style so I'm keeping the shell and selling the new combo , paint it however you like in a U.S road....or a close enough Aussie job, similar to the offerings from life like, but get sound too, I believe the mechanism is known as Intermountains "Regal Drive" with the usual twin flywheels and 8 wheel pickup and drive
So before I send it to Ebay I'm offering it here for $160.
PM me if you are interested, and yes it runs sweet and sounds pretty cool too... though not as good as a GP20!
I've run it on analog at the club..... and tested it with DCC and its all good. Smile
  tsubameau Train Controller

Location: QLD
Powerline T class diesel electric locomotives (HO scale) ...

T357 - second series (T3) - VR blue/gold - Mashima motor & 8 pin DCC plug (for fitting of own decoder), lighting removed - $200. SOLD!

T367 - third series (T4) - VR blue/gold - original Powerline motor and decoder, lighting removed - $170. STILL AVAILABLE.

PM me if you require more information or are interested.

  tsubameau Train Controller

Location: QLD
LENZ reverse loop module for DCC.

Seen very little use (originally used to DCC a Roco turntable).

RRP $99.95

For sale at $50 ... PM if interested. SOLD!

  8153 Chief Train Controller

Selling a 5 pack of Auscision Undecorated RQIW Container Wagons.
Brand new only given a run to test.
Brought them no less then a week ago.
Asking $120.00 plus $15.00 postagepm me for more info.
cannot provide photos as my camera is STUFFED
  Bills_Billboards Chief Commissioner

A couple more goodies for sale.

Steam Era Models UB van #26, standard SEM brass details, KD 5's and weathered $50.  SOLD

Steam Era Models B van #291. Standard SEM brass details, KD 5's and weathered. $45   SOLD

Steam Era Models T van #401 Standard SEM brass details ,BGB Victorian Inland Meat Authority decals, KD 5's and weathered.  Missing 1 water discharge pipe. $50 Still available

PM me for details.

Thanks Bill.
  jd4980 Chief Commissioner

Location: Grafton
AR Kits 45 class in red roofed Candy livery. No box, but loco is in pristine condition. Number 4536.

Asking $170 posted.

Pics available via email.
  brod13 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Norske Skog, Tasmania
Powerline KB Parcel Van, Tuscan Livery, never been out of the box with box in good condition.

PM if interested.

  nadnerb_2000 Chief Commissioner

Location: between my hat and my shoe soles
I've listed a number of items on Ebay including:

Powerline/K&M 48
Lloyd's 620
Camco 4 wheel cattle wagons
Austrains Pullmans

I've listed them at prices that I'm hoping wont be criticised in the "comedy of ebay" thread . . .   Laughing

  nazarail Chief Commissioner

Location: Between BN 80 UL and BN 87 UL
This evening I found an box of 7 Rubs cars.
All have bodies built I think theres some bogies missing and details
missing. and all roofs have been painted a crome silver.

for this items new it costs 269.
Hows $200 sound?
Pm me for more details if you like
  4464 Chief Commissioner

Location: Gone, like a fart in a fan factory!
Due to an unexpected move happening in the near future I have to sell/dismantal my layout!
So Im offering my branch part of the layout for sale which is 80% complete!
Layout includes-
*2 Base Boards in "L Shape" (sizes in diagram)
*7 Peco Points (5 Electric and 2 Manual)
*Wiring Completed (will need some mods as the all come back to my control board)
*Extremely detailed Scenery (including point rodding to Static levers!
*Grain Silo ,Station and Ballast Quarry!
Pics will Tell the rest of the story!!!!
$600 For Both! Pick Up only from Camden Area NSW!
Any questions dont hesitate to PM!!!!

  supersix Deputy Commissioner

Location: Heathcote N.S.W.
selling this for a mate

42106 tuscan  $200

missing steps off one bogie
#2 end windows a bit foggy


  GoneLoco Junior Train Controller

One Austrain NR painted as Indigenous NR30

Originally painted for a client but now no longer required.

Asking price $600

PM me with your email address and will send photo's.
  Roberts0001 Chief Commissioner

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Lima 937 Locomotive -


Good Working Order. Looks Good.

Its Lima and I have no idea what one should sell it for but I Will take an offer - $5 postage anywhere In Aust.
  R704 Chief Commissioner

Location: Who cares you ain't gonna visit!
i sold six of them for a mate, was looking at $80 ea but sold the lot for $60 ea. so i suggest about $50+ Smile
  Turbdtx3 Junior Train Controller

Location: AirportWest, Melbourne
hi all,
Now ive gone N scale my HO stuff will be out the door

I have first up 4 ELECTRIC remote Turnouts

3 life-like....not the EZ track rubbish...the normal style ones
sealed in there packs new, i paid $25 each... wanting $15 each
2 left hand one right hand

and also almost identical but slightly different one bachmann left hand...

ALL are powered turnouts like the above picture Very Happy
Please just send me a private message
Can be picked up Keilor East or Tullamarine or im sure i can post them at a fairly low cost..
Jeremy Very Happy
  QR-INTERAIL Deputy Commissioner

Location: Where else, but Queensland

For the QR modellers out there:

I have a five pack of unbuilt/untouched Wuiske Models cattle wagon kits for sale. Initially purchased for a special project but no longer required.

Pack is:
3 x K wagons
2 x KKB wagons

Price $100 bucks (ono) includes postage within Australia. To be sold as a five pack.

PM me if you are interested.
  brod13 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Norske Skog, Tasmania
Last chance for railpagers before it goes on ebay.

Lima 422 (42220) working condition, weathered with kadee one end.
2 x 40 foot containers, in a brown colour with DIX ZIM? on the sides.

PM with offer, will probably take it.

Regards, Brodie
  brod13 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Norske Skog, Tasmania
Teh containers are sold,
But i can add:

2 x Peco Point Motors (PL-10E) , one in box one without.
2 x ''Peco Lever operated passing contact switch for turnout motors'' (PL-26)

$30 for the lot sound alright?

Regards, Brodie
  T356 Chief Train Controller

5 x SEM weathered and weighted M wagons, individually numbered, fitted with #58 kadee's, brass steps, brake shoes and handbrakes.

$50 ea or $225 the lot
Numbers are M 139, M 140, M 158, M 270, M 472.
Postage not included.
More photo's here.!CDBE6E59C31D060!605/
  H Class Locomotive Driver

Hi all
I am thinking about selling my brass HO scale ALCO models VR
Its in original condition with the box and all the bits
If anyone is iinterested please PM
  KAVRAIL Banned

Location: Banned
Posting on behalf of a mate.
Trainorama 4401 western division tuscan complete body, $40.00
PM if interested.
  R704 Chief Commissioner

Location: Who cares you ain't gonna visit!
at this point this is just a heads up.

the club im with has recently discovered a cabinet full of TRI-ANG buts and pieces.

from what i could see there is a full red and silver trans Australian set, a full "VR" set a mint BUDD rail car (never been used, no sign the gears have even turned)
several point levers, a controller of two and a few assorted wagons.

all items have never been used and are in original boxes and wrapping.

i'm pretty sure the club will sell them but im not sure if they will use ebay or let me do it to to guys directly.

if you are interested please PM me and ill let the club know.
  brod13 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Norske Skog, Tasmania
For Sale:

Bachmann G Scale Caboose,

N scale points:
1 x Fleischmann Set Ballast Left hand curved point
5 x Peco Set track small left hand points
1 x "                           " right hand point
1 x Peco Y point
1 x Peco Medium or large (not too sure) right hand point
1 x Peco Large right handed point

Also 5 other points that are broke or don't work in some way.

Will sell points as a whole or individually.

(Peco point motors and levers are still up for sale)

Regards, Brodie

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