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  BL2 Chief Train Controller

3 only pieces of Shinohara code 70 pointwork, new with boxes, although they are a few years old but in perfect condition 1x#8 L/H, 1x#8 R/H and 1x 3 way,( large radius looks about #6), if you are interested please PM me  Smile

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  trainweld Train Controller

For Sale
4 G gauge carriages
$94.95 Each (not including postage)
all Bachmann bogied Carriages brand new In box

1  20' unlettered Boxcar         item# 95370
2  Unlettered tankcar (silver)  item# 93473
3  NYC&HR Gondola               item# 93705
4  East broad top Hopper        item# 98230

For sale very good price only $94.95 each all of them retail for over $130
email me
or pm me, for images and for more details.

  Geekboy Train Controller

Location: Banned
Broadway Limited Blueline AC6000 in BHP 'Bubble' scheme, #6076.

DC + sound (DCC ready).

Never been out of the box. $150.

(I'm moving house, and really don't need another prototype to model)

SOLD Smile
  Mickelaar The Ghost of George Stephenson

Location: At the layout, tinkering.
I have 3 x V/Line BS cars in VLP red/blue & white livery, from Powerline. All cars are in good condition. They are not being used anymore, and never will. Make an offer via PM. One window may need to be glued. Unites are numbered BS 214, BS216 & BS 217. Images will be sent as per requested (I don't have a public image gallery.



  PILBARAMAN Train Controller

Location: PILBARA
A Spectrum Master Railroader Series from Bachmann GE DASH 8-40CW
 Wide Cab Diesel HO SANTA FE #854,only taken out of box once and in
 as new condition $120,PM me if interested.
  ALCO4401 Train Controller

Location: On the Branch waiting for a train order, west of Tarana
Good afternoon all,
Have a Lenz Set 90 for sale. Comes in original box, command staion (LVZ100), trottle (LH90) and cable. Complete with all manuals.
Asking $200.00. Version 3.5.
Originally purchased 2005 from DCC Concepts, WA.

Does Not include Power Supply

PM me if interested. Can send photos if required.

Only selling due to upgrading to NCE Power Cab. Laughing
Postage included in sale price
Payment via money order

  Ardglen Junior Train Controller

Hi all,
I have a Trainorama Indian Red 49 class for sale #4915. Model has only had 1/2 hour running max. Sell for $220.00.
Sale due to wanting to backdate layout, would consider (partial) swap for Trainorama RU hoppers in gunmetal livery.
Please PM for details.
  kpr Beginner

Location: Vancouver
Lima Green 3801 SOLD

Excellent condition

I am downsizing and only test ran this loco.  It has the add on railing etc. still seperate.  

Paid around $150 sell $110 obo / ono

Pick up or mail from Melbourne

SOLD Please PM if intersted - can email photos
  brod13 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Norske Skog, Tasmania
For Sale:

Hon3.5 Wuiske Models,
CO Wagon
QLX Wagon
K Cattle Wagon.
All fully built with decals and 12mm bogies

PM if interested.

Regards, Brodie
  Grantham Minister for Railways

Location: I'm with stupid!
Ok, up on the block is a Powerline 48. It's clean and in good condition, runs smoothly in both directions, it appears to have had very little or no use. I received it as a swap for some stuff I was not using, but I'm just not interested in diesels. It doesn't have a box, it doesn't have buffers (don't know if it ever had them).  It's in bicentennial livery, number 48165.

Make an offer by pm if you're interested, or willing to swap for a steam loco of any nationality, or something interesting from the steam era (eg turntable, interesting item of rollingstock etc).


Edit: Not keen on Australian stuff...yeah, I know I'm strange!

  BL2 Chief Train Controller

Selling my collection of Motive Power magazines Numbers 2 ,5, "Farewell to the 90's" annual, then numbers 8 through 58(current issue), all in good condition, depending on where you live freight can be sorted out I'm sure.
Anyone interested please pm me
Thanks Smile
  jd4980 Chief Commissioner

Location: Grafton
Ok i have........

Train Hobby "Country Branchlines NSW pt2", mint condition.
$35.00 posted

2 Hanovale NQIW Kits, unopened.
$35 each or $60 for both posted.

More detail bits and pieces to list once i sort out what i don't need.
  Albert Chief Commissioner


Austrains 42103, candy with grey roof.

Runs well, good condition, rear horns missing.

  4001firstdiesel Chief Commissioner

1 Graham Farish N scale 94xx GWR Pannier Tank

Good condition, little use (is slightly stiff as a consequence)

Side numbers rubbed off. Is also missing gold funnel cap

Selling price is $60 (alternative is $50 plus $10 for postage anywhere in Aust).

  BL2 Chief Train Controller

For sale HO Roco DB 023cl 2-6-2 loco, tender drive runs like a Roco should, incredible detail....unfortunately missing one tender water tank hatch, part is listed by Roco or making a styrene one would not be difficult, look like this but number 23105

$220.00  Smile
  LaidlayM Chief Commissioner

Location: Research
Lima C38, green, unstreamlined, test run only.  In original box.  I bought it because it was Australian, but didn't use it because I really wanted Victorian stuff.

Loco now sold.

Mark in Melbourne
  Ardglen Junior Train Controller

Good afternoon,
I am selling the following items;
1 x Austrains 2nd run Belpaire 36 class # 3628. Test run only. $350.00
1 x Austrains 2nd run Belpaire 36 class # 3649. Test run only. $350.00
1 x Trainorama 49 class, Indian Red # 4915. Limited running $200.00
Please PM for further details.
  d1565 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Perth
Hi all,

I have some N scale American Gear for sale, all Kato.

2 by Amtrak Genesis units, phase 4 colour scheme
2 by Material Handling cars, Phase 4
16 superliners Phase 4 colours

Also a 8 pack of UP bethgon Coal porters, would consider selling a second 8 pack as well.

PM if interested...
  Albert Chief Commissioner


Austrains 42101, Indian Red.

Runs well, excellent condition.

  WUISKE Assistant Commissioner

G'day All,
I have been doing a clean up of the modelling room and have the following as spares.

3x Ian Lindsey Models R wagons (one with bogies)
one has a slight bit of damage to one of the headstocks, all are painted and assembled with buffers.
$70.00 for the lot.

4x QFC container wagons (12mm), lightly weathered with containers fitted. Extra detailing applied and complete decals fitted. These are my own personal models that do not fit in with the ear I am modelling anymore.
$65.00 each.

2x PCOY container wagons (old scaleways kits). Fitted with 2x 20 foot ISO containers each. One has K&M wheels fitted, the other has our brass wheels. These where bought some time back from another modeller and are ready to go.
$45.00 each.

I will also have some N scale Pommie stuff to go up here soon.

OK so the R wagons and the PCOY wagons have gone.
  K160 Minister for Railways

Location: Bendigo
Due to the need to have a core collection of rollingstock this one has to go:


1X Austrains CL-class locomotive

Presented as CL5 in ANR Maroon and Silver livery. In very good condition (More photos can be made available on request). Original factory paperwork included. Genuine Kadee #5 couplings fitted.

Asking price: $230 O.N.O.

PM me if you are interested

As of November 4th this model is no longer for sale
  G41 Chief Commissioner

Location: Footplate of any K class
Currently on offer:
1x V/Line passenger Y class 163. Brand new in box $240
1x V/Line Freight X class 38. DCC, great condition in box $240
1x V/Line H Class 4. DCC great condition in box $230
1x Freight Victoria X class 37. DCC great condition in box $240

All the above are Austrains Locos. PM if interested. No tyre kickers! Will supply photos.

  8203 Chief Commissioner

Location: Hunter Valley

TRAINORAMA Freight Australia VLCX Vans

12 Avaliable $15 each

6 are sold

6 still left Now Sold
  SignalSparky Station Master

For Sale:


40 packets of No.5 Kadee's. New, still in their packets. SOLD

$40 per 10 pack or $120 for the lot.


1 pair  C Class Bogies $30  SOLD

1 x C Class Motor W/Flywheels $30  SOLD

Or $50 for both.
Bought for a project, but never used.

LJ Models HO scale Ausbuildings Kits

1 x Weatherboard Church  $10 SOLD

1 x Old Style Single Fronted Shop  $10 SOLD

1 x Works Gang Shed and Out of Shed  $5 SOLD

1 x Homestead  $10 SOLD

1 x Country School  $5 SOLD

Or $30 for the lot.
All kits are new and unbuilt.

Prices do not include postage. PM if you're interested.
  SignalSparky Station Master

For Sale:

Life Like N Scale

2 x SD7 Locos Norfolk and Western  SOLD

Test run only. $50 each.

Bachmann Spectrum N Scale

1 x EMC Gas Electric (Doodlebug) Great Northern SOLD

Test run only. $40

Ian Lindsay Models HO Scale

1 x QR R refrigerated Wagon Kit (Requires bogies, couplers and decals) SOLD

Kit still in packet. $20


1 x C Class National Rail C508  SOLD

Test run only. $130

Prices do not include postage. PM if you're interested.

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